Do you check the air lanes of the truck during the winter?
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Today, we will discuss with the card friends, into the winter truck gas road maintenance.

In addition to the routine maintenance of the vehicle, the inspection of the gas road can not be neglected, especially in the cold winter, this is not, today came two vehicles because of the gas road water caused by icing, so what is the reason for the gas road inside the water?How to solve the problem of water freezing in air passage?We are going to talk about this today.

Just to the driver master said, originally up early in the morning to go out to work, the results found that the handbrake can not be put on, this can be anxious bad, hurriedly call the consulting service station, this just know that the original is the water in the windpipe ice.But why is there water in the gas path?This makes the driver master not understand very much.

There is a great possibility that there is water in the air path because there is a problem with the dryer, or the drying tank fails, or the debris in the dryer or tank is blocked, which causes the compressed air through the dryer by the air compressor can not be dried and directly enters the four loops, so as to enter each air holder.

In winter, if the air pressure is not on, the hand brake is not open and other faults occur suddenly, it is generally caused by the freezing of the air path.

Compressed air enters the gas path without drying treatment by the dryer. After high pressure air is cooled, it condenses into water in the pipeline. The water in the pipeline may cause aging or corrosion of the pipeline at ordinary times, resulting in air leakage.At present, the temperature in the sub-zero climate will cause pipeline blockage, light pressure is not on, the hand brake is not open, serious will cause brake failure, the consequences are unthinkable.

Therefore, regular detection of the gas path can not be ignored, after all, it is directly related to our safety issues

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