150000 Km Cracked Disc Brakes.Driver: It'S Too Noisy To Turn On The Auxiliary Brake
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150000 Km Cracked Disc Brake .Driver: It'S Too Noisy To Turn On The Auxiliary Brake

  • In the future, more and more card users will use disc brakes. Maybe in the future, disc brakes will become the standard on our trucks like the drum brakes now. Will you use disc brakes correctly?
  •  case sharing: brake disc damage caused by frequent high temperature
    Not long ago, my friend shared a case with me, which can be said to be very typical. First, let’s introduce the general situation of this case model. The tractor is a 13 liter displacement engine with engine brake. The whole tractor uses disc brake. The driving mode is 6×2 rear lift. It has driven 150000 kilometers. The line is from the southwest hinterland to the southeast coast. There are many high-speed driving in mountainous areas. The total weight of vehicles and goods is 49 tons, which is thrown and hung.
  • This is the removed brake disc. Through the photos, we can see that there have been slight vertical cracks on the brake disc, but the situation is not very serious. It is an early symptom of brake disc failure.
brake disc

It is obvious in this photo that the cracks on the brake disc have been very thorough, or this is one crack after another. At first, the logistics company suspected that it was the quality problem of the brake disc. Later, after troubleshooting, it learned that it was overuse of the brake. Frequent friction and high temperature led to the damage of the brake disc, which was not a quality problem.


If the picture above doesn’t explain the problem, then this picture is very obvious. After frequent work, the brake disc generates high temperature due to friction, which has burned the whole brake disc out of shape. Our most direct feeling is that the brake disc is burnt brick red.

  • cause of high temperature: the driver does not need auxiliary braking
    Until there were many such failure cases, the driver realized the danger of braking failure. Damaging the brake disc is nothing more than spending money to replace and repair. If a car accident is caused by braking failure, the consequences will be unimaginable.

After identification and investigation, there are three reasons for the high temperature of the brake disc:

  1. There are many mountains in this transportation line, the slope is large, and the working intensity of the braking system is too high;
  2. Because it is a drop coupling transportation, the braking clearance of the trailer is not adjusted, and the braking force is very weak, resulting in almost all the braking force of the whole vehicle driving on the tractor, and the trailer does not work at all;
  3.  The most ridiculous one is that the driver is unwilling to use the auxiliary brake because of the loud noise when the auxiliary brake is turned on.

solution: develop good habits of disc brake

To be honest, a greater part of the causes of these vehicles’ faults lies in the drivers’ wrong driving habits and concepts. If we want to reduce this potential safety hazard as much as possible, the most important thing is to start disc brakes from the drivers.

  • First of all, the driver should be trained to develop correct driving habits and reasonably use the auxiliary braking device. The auxiliary braking here includes engine braking and retarder braking. Don’t think that only the brake pedal on the foot can slow down, let alone misunderstand the auxiliary braking system. When the disc brake works, the maximum temperature can reach 700-800 degrees. There must be no old concept. Using water to cool down will do great harm to the brake disc.
  • Secondly, these faults must be dealt with comprehensively. Replacing new brake discs is the best solution at present.
  • Finally, the trailer braking system should be maintained, so that the trailer braking system can return to normal conditions, and the trailer can no longer drift with the tide. Only the overall matching of a vehicle is really good. Dozens of tons of goods are almost pressed on the trailer, and the braking force of the tractor is strong. If the trailer can’t brake, the vehicle may be destroyed and people may die.

Knowledge extension: advantages of disc brake

  • What are the characteristics of disc brake? Disc brake has the advantages of stable braking performance, good heat recession resistance, fast braking response, light weight, compact structure, accurate and reliable braking process, simple maintenance and so on. Of course, it also has the objective factors of complex structure, high production cost, high requirements for main Trailer matching and higher requirements for installation and maintenance technology.
  • This is not to say that there is no problem with disc braking. Disc brakes should be used with ABS, EBS and other systems. If disc brakes are used on trailers, whether the tractor is disc braking, whether the consistency of the main trailer is matched, and whether the tractor is equipped with auxiliary braking need to be considered. Once these aspects fail, great problems will appear.
  • At present, the popularity of disc brake has not kept up, so the problem of disc brake failure is not prominent. With the implementation of gb7258-2017, disc brake will become the standard configuration of many trucks. If you don’t pay attention to it, such damage cases will become more and more serious. Therefore, we must know more about disc brake. Then I will write a special article for you on the main Trailer matching of disc braking vehicles and the use of disc braking of trucks in Europe for your reference.
  • In fact, people don’t pay much attention to the vehicle safety system. The damage of the brake disc is a small matter, but there are huge potential safety hazards in the daily driving of the vehicle, which is the most fatal. We should pay attention to the frequency of braking and the safety of operation, whether it is to reduce the frequency of braking or to improve the safety of logistics.
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