315 Exposure Of Fake Gasoline And Diesel Counterfeiting
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315 Exposure Of Fake Gasoline And Diesel Counterfeiting Is Even More Shocking

Last night, CCTV 315 party exposed gasoline fraud. Not only people can’t drink reassuring milk, but cars can’t drink qualified oil these days. Although only fake gasoline was exposed in 315, diesel counterfeiting was also the hardest hit area. Have you ever heard of “tire oil”, “black diesel oil” and “blended oil”? Xiaobian will take you to pick up the fake diesel oil on the market.

Refining, Decolorization, Blending And Counterfeiting Techniques Emerge One After Another

1. Waste Tire Refining

The Tire Is Boiled In A Boiler

Refined "Diesel"

Some black refineries will buy waste tires cheaply from repair shops and use tires to refine “Diesel”. Put the waste tire into the boiler. After 8-10 hours of atmospheric and high temperature boiling, the steel wire and impurities in the tire will precipitate to the bottom of the furnace, and the lighter oil will float on it. Through the erected pipeline, the oil will flow out along the outlet to the oil tank and become “Diesel” after cooling. Because this oil has not been finely processed and refined, it has a lot of impurities, but it can burn. Finally, add decolorizing agent, and the black tire oil turns into a good diesel, which can’t be seen by your eyes alone.

2. Refining Of Waste Engine Oil

Waste Engine Oil To Diesel

The refining of this kind of diesel needs three procedures. The first is to heat the waste engine oil at high temperature. When it is heated to 360-400 ℃, the oil component in the waste engine oil evaporates into oil and gas. The evaporated oil and gas enters the cooling tank along the steam transmission pipe. After being cooled by water, the oil and gas turns into liquid oil and flows out. The oil is still yellow when it first flows out, but it will soon turn black. In order to confuse the true with the false, these diesel oil must go through the last process before leaving the factory – bleaching, also known as washing oil. After these three processes, the waste engine oil becomes diesel oil.

3. Decolorization Of Black Diesel Oil

Add Decolorized Sand To Obtain Clear Diesel Oil

Black diesel oil is the residue after refining in large Refineries or unqualified diesel oil produced in small refineries. The sulfur content and acidity value of this kind of oil are far higher than normal diesel oil and cannot be used for motor vehicles. Due to the low price of this kind of oil, some unqualified underground refineries can add decolorizing sand and decolorizing agent when they can get enough, and then the black diesel oil can become light yellow or jujube red, and then be sold to private gas stations and black gas stations through abnormal channels. Because the decolorizing agent used is not very good, this kind of diesel will be “beaten back to its original shape” and turn black again after contacting with the air for two or three months.

4. Blending Of Heavy Firewood, Kerosene, C9 And Plastic Oil

Blending With Waste Kerosene, Plastic Oil, Additives, Etc

Some illegal black processing plants will also buy heavy diesel oil, waste kerosene, C9, plastic oil and other raw materials from elsewhere, mix them into inferior mixed oil in a certain proportion, and then mix some additives to become fake diesel oil.

The Flood Of Sales And Use Does Great Harm To Vehicles And The Environment

Because counterfeit diesel is cheap, private gas stations, rural gas stations, black gas stations and black gas vehicles are often the main sales places of this kind of diesel.

Fake diesel is very beautiful in appearance, but its composition is very different from diesel, and its sulfur content and acidity are very large. Fake diesel oil cannot be completely burned in the engine, which is easy to cause carbon deposition, black smoke, insufficient engine power and so on. The long-term use of diesel with excessive acidity will have a great corrosive effect on automobile engines. The composition of fake diesel is complex, and more harmful substances will be produced after combustion, which is very harmful to the environment.


Although the price of fake diesel is cheap, it is not fully burned, the fuel consumption is relatively high, and it is particularly harmful to vehicles and the environment. I hope that card friends can keep their eyes open and choose large gas stations when refueling. Don’t be greedy for small and cheap, otherwise the final money to repair the car is not worth the loss.

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