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The Acceleration And Deceleration Accelerator Has A Sense Of Impact, And There May Be Faults In Three Parts

After using the truck for a period of time, there is often a sense of impact when increasing and decreasing the throttle. This phenomenon makes it difficult for inexperienced drivers to judge the source of the fault. The impact on the transmission system can easily lead to early damage of parts and poor driving experience.

Xiaobian has counted several reasons that are most likely to cause such faults. In the future, if you encounter such faults during driving, you can judge and check them yourself, so as to facilitate maintenance as soon as possible, so as not to cause greater losses.

Traction Saddle Has Large Clearance And Strong Acceleration And Deceleration Impact

Compared with the truck, the tractor is more prone to the fault with impact feeling when increasing and decreasing the throttle, because it is two parts with the trailer, and their connection point has become the high incidence area of this kind of fault. As we all know, the components connecting the tractor and trailer are traction saddle and traction pin. If the matching clearance between them is too large, it will certainly cause a strong impact on acceleration and deceleration.

How should we judge that the gap between them is large? In fact, it is also very easy. The specific operation method is: pull the trailer hand brake (if there is no model, the air circuit connection between the tractor and the trailer can be disconnected) and let the trailer stop in place after emergency braking.

Two people cooperate. One person drives the tractor forward and backward repeatedly for several times, and the other person observes whether there is relative clearance between the traction disc and the trailer. If there is, it can be easily observed.

In addition, the joint points of the upper and lower parts of the traction saddle itself also need to be observed, because the upper and lower parts of the saddle are fixed by a shaft pin. There is a shaft sleeve outside the shaft pin, which is generally made of rubber or nylon. If the shaft sleeve is damaged, it is also very easy to have large displacement, resulting in impact feeling.

What if it is determined that there is a large clearance between the traction saddle and the trailer? Don’t worry. This problem is generally easy to deal with. There is an adjustable screw on the left side of the traction saddle, but most people don’t know what it is for. In fact, it is a device to adjust the working clearance of the traction saddle. The screw clearance becomes larger when you screw it inward and smaller when you screw it outward. You can make appropriate adjustments according to the clearance of your vehicle’s traction disc, But remember to adjust the lock nut. If the clearance between the shaft sleeves of the upper and lower articulated parts of the traction disc is large, the shaft sleeves and shaft pins can only be disassembled for replacement and maintenance, but such accessories are generally cheaper and the maintenance cost is not high.

Easily Overlooked Fault: Double Drive Pull Arm Sleeve Is Damaged

The damage of the pull arm sleeve of the double drive shaft model is also the reason for the impact feeling of acceleration and deceleration. Generally, few people can notice the faults caused by it. They often suspect other parts first. After spending a lot of money on maintenance, they still fail to find the real cause of the fault. The maintenance investment in vain is wasted, which is easy to cause unnecessary losses.

If this kind of fault occurs in our dual drive vehicle (whether tractor, truck or dump truck), we should first check the status of the pull arm sleeve (you need to drill under the vehicle, don’t be afraid of dirt). If there are obvious signs of damage, it should be replaced immediately.

The pull arm sleeve is not only damaged, but also has an impact on the accelerator. It is often accompanied by other faults such as non parallelism of the double drive shafts and eating tires. Failure to repair as soon as possible will cause greater losses. In addition, the replacement of the pull arm sleeve is troublesome. It is not recommended to do it yourself. It is more reliable to find a repair shop.

The Transmission System Has Its Own Fault, And The Acceleration And Deceleration Have A Sense Of Impact

In addition to the above two indirect impact factors, the most common fault is the fault caused by excessive running clearance of the transmission system itself. This fault may occur regardless of vehicle models, 4×2, 6×2, 6×4 and 8×4. There are generally two most common points, the drive axle and the propeller shaft.

First, let’s talk about the drive axle. If the running clearance is large, it is generally caused by the excessive matching clearance of the internal gear mechanical structure. In fact, how to judge is very simple. Rotate the transmission shaft left and right by hand, and judge the clearance of the drive axle according to the free rotation of the transmission shaft. If it can’t be judged according to the rotation, you can use other normal vehicles as a reference, Generally, it can be well distinguished.

If the clearance is really too large, it is recommended to disassemble and maintain the drive axle as soon as possible, because at this time, the drive axle is often not far away from anchoring and damage. Once it is damaged on the way, the loss will often be relatively large. It is better to repair it in advance.

The damage of the transmission shaft cross shaft will also cause a sense of impact, which is generally easier to judge, because it will also cause the body shaking during driving. If the acceleration and deceleration have impact and body shaking at the same time, generally, the transmission shaft cross shaft is damaged. If it is found, it must be replaced immediately. Never continue driving.


It is a very common fault that the truck has a sense of impact when accelerating and decelerating. However, many people will ignore it because it does not affect the driving in the short term. However, in the long run, the impact on the transmission system of the whole vehicle can not be underestimated, because they generally cause great losses. I hope that when these similar faults occur in the car of card friends, maintenance should be arranged as soon as possible without delay, In order to avoid greater losses due to some small faults.

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