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The car owners are concerned about the fuel consumption of the car, today we will talk about how to save oil.

mainly from the reasonable control speed.

1. The higher the speed

the greater the power and utilization, the smaller the fuel consumption. Therefore, the fuel consumption of vehicles is high at low speed.

When the speed is too high, the fuel consumption is also high, as the fuel consumption increases with the increase of the speed. When the car speed exceeds a certain level, fuel consumption increases very quickly, and these factors increase the fuel consumption per unit of fuel. Therefore, excessive speed or too low is not conducive to saving fuel.

2. In order to grasp the economic speed in the road

the driver should learn to use engine tachometer and speed table, appropriately increase or decrease the throttle opening, according to road conditions to keep the engine working in the range of 30% ~ 70% speed.

The Relationship Between Speed And Fuel Consumption

3.Avoid sudden acceleration and sudden deceleration.

Sudden acceleration is about a third more fuel than smooth acceleration. Some vehicles equipped with slow sliding buffer gas valve and throttle, decelerating moments will continue or more for fuel, so to save fuel, on the road should try to make the speed stable, avoid sudden acceleration and sudden deceleration.

4.Use the vehicle’s inertia as much as possible and reduce unnecessary brakes.

When driving, you should pay attention to the roadblocks, which can be used to reduce fuel consumption. Do not use the car brake, accelerate fast characteristics to handle the situation, should reduce the number of braking, avoid the danger.

5. Reasonable utilization of air conditioning refrigeration system.

When the speed is lower than 85km/h, the air conditioning system is turned off and the Windows are opened. However, when the speed is higher than 85km/h, you should make full use of air conditioning to cool the car and not open the window. The fuel that is consumed by increasing wind resistance after opening at high speed is more fuel than the air conditioning refrigeration system.

6. Keep the engine economy moving

observe the indicators of various instruments at any time, and keep the engine working at the economic speed as required to achieve the purpose of saving fuel.

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