Cylinder Head Cracking Loss Of More Than 6000, Climbing
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Cylinder Head Cracking Loss Of More Than 6000, Climbing Often Hold The Car Is The Culprit

An 8×4 tyrant was equipped with Yuchai 6L engine. Recently, there was a rapid loss of coolant and water leakage from the exhaust manifold. The owner came to the repair shop to repair the vehicle.

The Nose Bridge Of The Cylinder Head Is Cracked. Holding The Car Is The Murderer

After entering the factory for disassembly and inspection, it was found that there were water marks at the connections of the exhaust manifold. It was initially thought that the cylinder gasket was damaged. After disassembling the cylinder head, it was found that the cylinder gasket had no damage marks, so it was suspected that the problem occurred on the cylinder head. Through cleaning the cylinder head, it was found that cracks and water leakage appeared on the nose bridge between the cylinder head valves, which entered the exhaust manifold during the exhaust process. After replacing the cylinder head and troubleshooting, the owner paid a price of more than 6000 yuan.

Wrong Operation Will Lead To Loss And Correct Driving Will Bring Benefits

Through communication with the owner, it is found that the car runs in the mountainous areas of Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan all year round, with long ramp and large slope; When driving, the car owner feels that high speed consumes fuel, so he uses the way of climbing at low speed to save fuel. At low speed, the engine power is insufficient, causing the engine overload and the water temperature to rise. The owner adopts the water tank spray method to cool down. Although this method can achieve the cooling effect, the water temperature fluctuation is too large. In addition, the low speed makes the engine overload lead to local overheating of the cylinder head, and the stress concentration at the nose of the cylinder head leads to cracking and failure.

In the actual driving process, we should operate and drive the vehicle correctly according to the vehicle configuration. Low speed driving is not possible for every truck, and in some cases, low speed does not mean fuel saving. When driving their own vehicles, card friends should know the overall configuration of their vehicles and choose the appropriate gear and speed. Only correct operation can make the vehicles less problems and bring greater benefits.


Low speed does not mean fuel saving. Climbing requires more power to support power. Driving without the actual configuration of your vehicle can only cause excessive engine load and a series of engine faults. The majority of card users should decide how to operate according to their vehicle configuration in order to avoid these unnecessary economic losses.

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