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Configuration Selection Is Key. Actual Investigation Report Of Chuanghu Heavy Truck

Sichuan Hyundai Automobile project is a commercial vehicle joint venture project between Sichuan Nanjun Automobile Group Co., Ltd. and Korea Hyundai Automatic Vehicle Co., Ltd. the project was approved in 2010 and started construction in 2012. In 2014, the heavy tractor “Chuang Hu” was put into trial sale, which wrote a process of rapid rise in the development of commercial vehicles in Sichuan.

Reasons For Background Investigation Visit

Chuanghu brand series heavy trucks officially met with Chinese people at the 2014 Beijing International Automobile Expo, and truck house also made some detailed reports in the current exhibition.

Since the Sichuan modern tractor forum was established on the truck Home Forum, users have posted some characteristic posts in the process of use, mainly focusing on the feedback information such as high fuel consumption and weak power. Based on the above problems, truck home visited and implemented Ziyang Sichuan Hyundai in early June 2015 under the condition of communication with Sichuan Hyundai.

The classification of users whose main posts on the forum indicate that the use of vehicles is not ideal is as follows:

At the service system communication meeting, the two sides made some communication on vehicle power configuration, user vehicle driving status and so on.

The engine used by chuanghu is a modern electronically controlled pump nozzle engine with a displacement of 12.742 liters. Its maximum torque speed range is 1000-1450 rpm, reaching the maximum power at 1600 rpm. The daimos 12 Speed overspeed gearbox is a three-stage combined gearbox, which adopts the structure of main gearbox and double auxiliary gearbox: 2 gears for the front auxiliary gearbox, 3 gears for the main gearbox and 2 gears for the rear auxiliary gearbox (i.e. 2x3x2 structure). At present, the main speed ratio range of the introduced single-stage reduction bridge is 3.417, 3.667 and 4.11.

The following is the usage status analysis of the above card friends:

No. A User'S Oil Is Boring And The Oil Temperature Is High

Vehicle Configuration:

4×2 tractor: L12 7.360 engine, daimos 12 Speed overspeed transmission, 4.11 speed ratio rear axle.


Shanghai Wuhan, Shanghai Chongqing pull container


The vehicle is a 4 * 2 tractor, mainly pulling foreign trade boxes and some domestic trade boxes. The total weight of the vehicle is basically controlled around 43 tons, and the overall size of the vehicle does not exceed the standard. During use, I feel that the car costs fuel, is boring, and the oil temperature is high.

Problem analysis:

Because the initial vehicle power configuration is L12 7.360 + 12od + 4.11, tire model 315 / 80r22 5. The economic speed on the flat road is not very high. Therefore, in order to meet the requirements of relative timeliness, users often use the speed range of 85-90.

Based on some characteristics of the pump nozzle engine, the control range of torque speed area is relatively narrow in the actual use process. At this time, the engine speed is high. Although it has large output power, in fact, the user has bad feelings in the acceleration process due to the decrease of driving force.


After card number a posted on the forum, many new card friends did not care about the technical status of the vehicle and generally did not understand the vehicle. However, in fact, they did not understand the maximum output torque of 1600nm and the operation of the transmission with this 2 * 3 * 2 structure. In fact, the shift speed control and the relative economic speed of the configuration have a large deviation for card friend a.


After half a year’s adjustment period, a kayou learned about the operation of the gearbox and some problems in vehicle configuration. Based on the user’s relatively active cooperation, Sichuan Hyundai changed the axle speed ratio to 3.667, and the engine was upgraded to a 410 horsepower program with a torque of 1800nm.


After many subsequent tests, at present, a card friend has no appeal in terms of fuel consumption, and the relatively small problems still need to be solved through communication and negotiation between the user and the manufacturer.

No. B card user fee oil is boring and the oil temperature is high

Vehicle Configuration:

6×4 tractor: L12 7.440 engine, daimos 12 Speed overspeed transmission, 3.667 speed ratio rear axle, drive wheel tire 315 / 80r22 5. The trailer is a 17.5 expansion plate.


From Shandong or Tianjin to Xinjiang


The gross vehicle and cargo weight is about 40 tons, but the trailer size is 4.3 meters wide, 4.6-4.8 meters high and 21-23 meters long. The trailer from Xinjiang to Tianjin or Qingdao changes to 17.5 Osaka, and the gross vehicle and cargo weight is generally controlled around 51-53 tons. Since the user purchased the vehicle, he has always reported that the fuel consumption is high, the power is poor, and even the fuel consumption reaches more than 48.

Since the user purchased the vehicle, he has always reported that the fuel consumption is high, the power is poor, and even the fuel consumption reaches more than 48. According to the understanding of the truck home, the power configuration of the vehicle itself is not suitable for his use conditions, and there are problems in the initial PWR intelligent power mode and the shift operation of the gearbox.


After communication with Sichuan Hyundai technicians, a simple test was conducted from Qingdao Zhucheng Laiwu Zhucheng on some test sections without serious overrun of the trailer. Compared with the speed near 85 on the flat road, some slope roads were downshifted in the early transition zone, and the fuel consumption of the tester was significantly different from that of the owner, driver and myself.

Resistance power rolling resistance maximum total mass rolling resistance coefficient vehicle speed air resistance wind resistance coefficient windward area mechanical efficiency

Let’s use a simple calculator to calculate the resistance power of the vehicle at a uniform speed:

GCW (gross vehicle weight) = 47000kg. When the vehicle runs at a constant speed of 80km / h (windless state), in order to maintain the normal operation of the vehicle, the effective power output of the engine needs to be 155kw. If the engine load rate can be maintained around 0.8 (the operation is normal and the accelerator pedal is normal). Assuming that the instantaneous fuel consumption of chuanghu’s 13 liter modern engine is 185g / kWh, there is the following formula: at this time, the instantaneous total fuel consumption is 185 * 155 = 28675g diesel, the proportion of diesel is set as 0.8728675 / 0.87 = 32959ml, diesel = 33l, so the fuel consumption per 100 km is 33 * 100 / 80 = 41.25l/100 km, because the test road is not complete Constant speed operation, resistance power of relative wind resistance and downhill sliding with gear may affect fuel consumption. The tester will test the actual fuel consumption, and there will be deviation from the instrument data in some cases.

Attached are the relevant tests conducted by Sichuan Hyundai service section on the vehicle:

Test 1: wxr001271 vehicle with Trailer (lengthened and widened) load test (27 tons of cargo and 47 tons of curb weight), normal driving acceleration, normal shifting and climbing power in case of ramp, test 530km (Qingdao Zhucheng Laiwu Zhucheng) for 212.48l fuel, average fuel consumption of 40L / 100km (Sichuan Hyundai driver driving in the whole process).


Test 2: wxr1269 vehicle has a curb weight of 47 tons (Huangdao Zhucheng Huangdao), a test distance of 166 km, and refueling of 58.35l (Huangdao Zhucheng is operated by our driver, Zhucheng Huangdao customer driver is operated under the on-site guidance of Sichuan Hyundai personnel). The vehicle instrument shows that the fuel consumption is 40L / 100km, and the actual refueling volume is calculated as 36L / 100km.

Part of card friends No. B acknowledged the data results, but they were not satisfied with the vehicle power configuration. They thought that if the horsepower was high, it should be strong, and the highest grade overtaking ability should be good. Card friends thought that it was not entirely his fault to buy the wrong configuration. They asked the dealers and manufacturers to compensate for the lost fuel costs and solve the current high fuel tank temperature and some mechanical and conventional problems.


Truck house believes that card friends with number B even choose L12 7.520 + 12od + 3.667 is also not suitable for use. Although part of the power may be relatively good, the economic speed on the flat road is low, and the user’s understanding of timeliness is not in place. The concept that fast flat road means high timeliness is not easy to change. It is also necessary to further strengthen the understanding and practical operation of knowledge.


To protect rights, we must pay attention to ways and methods. In fact, extreme behavior is unlikely to have good results for users. Truck home investigated some problems in brake design in the past few years, and collected enough evidence to prove it for more than 3 years; For the three card friends numbered CDE in this case:

First, the forum did not correctly reply to the regular operation and driving methods of the vehicle, but blindly said that it costs fuel and could not communicate with normal card friends.


Second, the three card friends numbered CDE went to the dealer in turn. Their behavior and actions were too radical and had been divorced from the problem of driving.

Third, although the truck house is an open platform, it is also prohibited to deal with things maliciously for the purpose of posting threats.

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