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Common Sense Of Truck Fuel Tank Maintenance.

  1. Diesel tank is an important part of diesel engine fuel supply system, which plays the role of storage, precipitation and purification, and fuel supply. In order to ensure the reliable and safe operation of the diesel engine, the maintenance of the truck fuel tank is very important.
  2. The fuel tanks on trucks are tall and bulky, and it is impossible to remove them frequently for cleaning. For example, long-distance trucks and heavy trucks have strict requirements on the cleanliness of diesel. Many drivers have to hold the diesel in the truck fuel tank, add clean diesel, and then turn on the oil switch until the outflowing diesel oil is free of stolen goods. It is wasteful to clean the truck fuel tank in this way, and it cannot clean the attachments on the inner wall of the truck fuel tank.
Truck Fuel Tank

Although, the fuel tank is fully enclosed except when it is semi-closed when refueling. However, as the truck ages and the use time becomes longer, more and more precipitated impurities in the fuel tank will inevitably enter the engine with the fuel supply system in the truck, which will cause damage to the truck over time. After these impurities enter the truck fuel tank, they first settle on the bottom of the fuel tank. Slowly when there is too much sediment, it will enter the truck’s engine along with the fuel, causing serious wear and tear on the engine.

First, go to a regular gas station to refuel to ensure the quality of diesel.

Second, it is necessary to clean the fuel tank regularly!

Generally speaking,fuel tank cleaning is divided into two steps, internal and external. External: check the tank, fuel pipe, joint and other places for dents or fuel leakage. Remember to check whether the fixing screws of the fuel tank bracket are tightened. Internal: Open the fuel tank port, take out the filter barrel, and suck the fuel out, leaving only about 30L of fuel in the tank. Insert the cleaned plastic pipe from the fuel filler port to the bottom of the fuel tank, and gently blow the gasoline at the bottom of the fuel tank to roll over to achieve the cleaning effect.

Third. Cleaning method of truck fuel tank

  1.  After turning on the diesel drain switch of the fuel tank and storing the diesel, turn off the diesel drain switch and the fuel supply switch at the same time, remove the fuel tank cover, diesel filter screen and diesel dipstick, and inject 20~40L of clean diesel oil into the fuel tank for cleaning Use diesel (depending on the size of the fuel tank).
  2.  Connect the air pump hose to the nozzle and put the lower part of the nozzle deep into the bottom of the fuel tank. When the air pressure of the air pump air cylinder rises to 0.6-0.7MPa, open the gate valve and let the high-speed airflow rush into the bottom diesel layer of the fuel tank from the nozzle hole, so that the diesel oil is stirred and splashed, and the interior of the fuel tank is washed clean. During the cleaning process, the air pressure of the air reservoir should be kept at 0.4-0.5MPa. In order to prevent the oil mist from spraying out of the fuel tank, it is advisable to block the fuel tank port with gauze, so as not to affect the left and right swing of the nozzle.
  3. Close the gate valve of the air reservoir, take out the nozzle, drain the cleaning diesel in the fuel tank, add 15-30L of clean diesel oil, and clean it again according to the above method. After cleaning, release the cleaning diesel, install the diesel filter, diesel dipstick and fuel tank cover, so far the cleaning of the fuel tank is completed. The released cleaning diesel can be used to clean other diesel tanks or parts after being precipitated.

The above cleaning method can only be used for diesel tanks, not for gasoline tanks. Because the friction between the compressed air and the tank wall can generate static electricity, and gasoline is flammable and explosive, even in the severe cold conditions of -30 ℃, a tiny spark will ignite the gasoline, causing a safety accident.

Fourth. Precautions for truck fuel tank cleaning:

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