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The brake drum is a component used in the braking system to generate braking force that hinders vehicle movement or movement trends. Braking by friction with the brake linings. As one of the core components of the vehicle braking system, the brake drum is also a worn-out material. When the brake drum is worn to a certain limit, it needs to be replaced. Most brake drum replacements are due to the expiration of the brake drum life.

Common faults:

1. Excessive wear

Due to a series of reasons such as large braking resistance, braking imbalance and dust and impurities, the brake drum is quickly and evenly worn. At this time, an extremely obvious step ring is formed on the edge of the brake drum.

2. Crack

As the vehicle goes driving for a long time, and the insufficient heat capacity of the brake drum results in the formation of uniform and fine cracks on the friction surface, the cracks will continue to spread, lengthen and deepen. When the crack length grows to 30~40mm, it needs to be replaced in time, otherwise it is easy to cause serious failures such as brake drum cracking and affect the normal use of the whole vehicle.

3. The brake drum bolt hole is worn

Brake drum bolt holes are worn, usually because the flange bolts (wheel bolts) are not fully tightened, and the brake drum will have relative movement and impact in the radial and axial directions relative to the hub, resulting in abnormal wear and deformation of the brake drum bolt holes and wheel bolts , Wheel hub and other related parts will also have serious irreversible failures. At this time, all relevant parts need to be replaced.

4. Hub grease pollution

When the wheel hub oil seal fails and the lubricating oil/grease is thrown onto the inner circumferential working surface of the brake drum, the inner working surface is severely polluted. If it is not treated in time, the oil/grease will further penetrate into the brake drum,at this time the circumferential working surface is prone to vehicle safety failures, so the brake drum needs to be replaced immediately.

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