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Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

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Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck
Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck
Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck
Driving type 4×2   RHD HOWO 1880 cab, with two seats and air condition, 70°hydraulically tillable to the front as attached photo for ref.
Vehicle Main Dimensions Overall dimensions (L x W x H) mm 6900x2350x2650mm
Wheel base  (mm) 3360
Weight in KGS Tare Weight 2565
payload 3000
Front axles loading capacity 1×2000
Rear axles loading capacity 1×3500
Engine Brand Commins
Type ISF2.8s4129V, electrical control, common rail
Horse Power(HP) 129
Emission standard Euro IV
Gearbox WLY6TS40, gear box with 6 forward and 1 reverse
Steering Hydraulic steering with power assistance
Fuel tank 120L
Tire 7.00R16 tire, in total 7 pieces including one spare tire
Brakes Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake :(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Effective working platform(mm) 4200x2100mm
Others Mechanical rear ladder

Features of Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck
Sinotruk Howo Flatbed Wrecker Truck

The Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck is a heavy-duty commercial vehicle designed for transporting goods and materials.

Here are some of its key features:
  1. Strong and durable construction: The truck is built with a robust chassis and frame, ensuring it can withstand heavy loads and tough working conditions.
  2. 4×2 configuration: The truck has a 4×2 drivetrain, which means power is delivered to two of its wheels. This configuration offers a good balance between load capacity and maneuverability.
  3. Flatbed design: The truck features a flatbed cargo area without any sides or roof, providing a large and open space for loading and transporting goods of various shapes and sizes.
  4. Payload capacity: The Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck has a high payload capacity, allowing it to carry heavy loads. The specific capacity may vary depending on the model and configuration.
  5. Engine options: Sinotruk offers different engine options for the Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck, including powerful diesel engines that provide high torque and efficient performance.
  6. Comfortable cabin: The truck is equipped with a spacious and comfortable cabin, designed to provide a pleasant working environment for the driver during long hours on the road.
  7. Safety features: The Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck is equipped with various safety features, such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), airbags, and advanced braking systems, to ensure driver and cargo safety.
  8. Versatility: The flatbed design of the truck allows for easy customization and adaptation to specific cargo requirements. It can be equipped with additional accessories and features based on the intended use.

It’s essential to note that the features may vary depending on the specific model and configuration of the Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck.

Working Principle of Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck
Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

The working principle of a Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck is based on the integration of several systems and components that work together to facilitate the transportation of goods and materials.

Here’s a general overview of its working principle:
  1. Engine: The truck is powered by an internal combustion engine, typically a diesel engine. The engine generates power by burning fuel, which is then converted into mechanical energy.
  2. Transmission: The engine is connected to the transmission, which transfers the engine’s power to the wheels. In the case of the Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck, it has a 4×2 configuration, meaning power is delivered to two of its wheels.
  3. Chassis and Suspension: The truck’s chassis provides structural support and rigidity to carry the load. The suspension system helps to absorb shocks and vibrations, ensuring a smooth and stable ride.
  4. Flatbed Cargo Area: The flatbed cargo area is the open space at the back of the truck designed for loading goods. It has no sides or roof, providing flexibility for loading and unloading various types of cargo.
  5. Loading and Securing Cargo: Goods are loaded onto the flatbed using suitable equipment such as forklifts or cranes. To secure the cargo, straps, chains, or other fastening methods are used to prevent shifting or falling during transportation.
  6. Driving and Maneuvering: The driver controls the truck’s movement using the steering wheel, accelerator, brake pedals, and other controls in the driver’s cabin. The truck can be driven forward or in reverse, and the driver can navigate through different road conditions.
  7. Braking System: The truck is equipped with a braking system that includes hydraulic or pneumatic brakes. The driver can apply the brakes to slow down or stop the truck safely, ensuring control and preventing accidents.
  8. Safety Systems: The Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck may come equipped with various safety systems such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System), airbags, parking sensors, and electronic stability control, enhancing safety during operation.
  9. Maintenance and Servicing: Regular maintenance and servicing are necessary to keep the truck in optimal working condition. This includes checking fluid levels, inspecting tires, lubricating moving parts, and addressing any issues that may arise.

It’s important to note that the actual working principle may vary slightly depending on the specific model and configuration of the Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck.

Application Cases Of Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

sinotruk-howo-4x2-flatbed-truck-1 (13)
Sinotruk Howo Flatbed Wrecker Truck
Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

The Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck has a broad range of applications across various industries.

Here are some common application cases for this type of truck:
  1. Construction Industry: The flatbed truck is commonly used in the construction industry to transport construction materials such as sand, gravel, stones, bricks, and pipes. Its open flatbed design allows for easy loading and unloading of heavy construction materials.
  2. Logistics and Transportation: The truck is widely used in logistics and transportation companies for the delivery of goods and products. It can transport a wide variety of cargo, including palletized goods, machinery, equipment, and oversized items that cannot fit into closed containers.
  3. Agriculture and Farming: The truck is often utilized in the agricultural sector for carrying agricultural produce, crops, livestock, and farm equipment. Its flatbed design allows for the transport of large quantities of agricultural goods efficiently.
  4. Waste Management: Flatbed trucks are employed in waste management and recycling industries for transporting waste materials, recyclables, and bulky items. The open cargo space facilitates easy loading and unloading of waste containers or debris.
  5. Utility Services: The truck can be adapted for utility services such as the transportation of utility poles, cables, pipes, and other infrastructure materials. It is also used for maintenance and repair work, carrying tools and equipment to job sites.
  6. Furniture and Home Appliances: Flatbed trucks are used by furniture stores, home appliance retailers, and moving companies to transport large furniture items, appliances, and other bulky household goods.
  7. Emergency Response: The truck can serve as a versatile platform for emergency response teams during natural disasters or other emergencies. It can transport essential supplies, equipment, and aid materials to affected areas.
  8. Military and Defense: Flatbed trucks are often used in military and defense applications for the transportation of military equipment, troops, and supplies. They can carry large cargo loads to support military operations.

These application cases provide a glimpse into the versatility and usefulness of the Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck across various industries. The truck’s open flatbed design enables it to handle a wide range of cargo types and sizes, making it a valuable asset in transportation and logistics operations.

Shipping Of Sinotruk Howo 4x2 Flatbed Truck

Transportation of roll-offs
Crating of framed containers
Transportation of bulk cargo
Transportation of roll-offs:

For long-distance transportation of Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck, roll-off transportation may be used. This method involves loading the Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck onto a specialized roll-off container, which can be easily rolled on and off the transportation vehicle. This transportation method is fast and efficient for loading and unloading the Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck.

Crating of framed containers:

Another transportation method for Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck is crating within framed containers. In this method, the Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck is placed inside a specially designed framed container, which provides additional protection during transportation. The container can be loaded onto a transportation vehicle and secured in place for safe transport.

Transportation of bulk cargo:

This method involves shipping your Sinotruk Howo 4×2 Flatbed Truck along with other vehicles and cargo in a cargo ship’s hold. This method is more cost-effective but may take longer to reach its destination than the other options. It is a good option for larger shipments or when cost is a primary concern.

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