HOWO Mining Dump Truck

All products produced by sinotruk are famous for overload, firmness, tenacity and reliability. HOWO mining dump truck perfectly interprets the above characteristics. It is the strongest series and is widely used in various mines. We named them HOWO mine king and HOWO mine warrior, and their loading capacity ranged from 30 to 90 tons.

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HOWO Mining Dump Truck

Hot Selling Model Of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

Howo 50 Ton Mining Dump Truck
Howo 50 Ton Mining Dump Truck
Howo 70 Ton Mining Dump Truck
Howo 70 Ton Mining Dump Truck
HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4
HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4

HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4

Howo Mining Dump Truck 6X4 completely goes out of the design concept of the existing dump truck and is developed completely according to the characteristics of mine working conditions. It is suitable for all kinds of open-pit mines, reclamation projects, steel mills, hydropower construction sites, wharfs and other places with harsh environment. Capable of short distance transshipment business in the region.

HOWO Mining Dump Truck
HOWO Mining Dump Truck
Engine Modal WD615.47T2
Emission Euro 2
Displacement 9.726L
Max Torque 1350/1100-1600
( Nm/rpm)
Type water-cooled,four strokes,6 cylinders in line with water cooling,turbocharged and inter-cooling,directly injection
Clutch Single-plate dry coil-spring clutch, diameter 430mm, hydraulically operating with air assistance.
Transmission SINOTRUK HW 21712
Chassis Three layers frame 8+8+8mm,U-profile parallel ladder frame and reinforced subframe,all cold riveted cross members
Front Axle HF 12 for heavy truck, rated load of 12 t. drum-type
Rear Axles AC26 with double reduction, central single reduction plus planetary wheel reduction
Drive Shaft Double universal joint propeller shaft with gear-shaped coupling flange
Fuel Tank 400 L Aluminum fuel tank with locking fuel cap, fitted to the off side of the chassis
Steering ZF power steering, model ZF8118,hydraulic steering with power assistance.
Braking System Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake.
Parking brake(emergency brake):spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake
Tyres Standard is 14.00-25
Electrical System Operating voltage 24V,negative grounded
Starter 24V.7.5Kw
Alternator 3-phase,28V,1500W
Batteries 2*12V,165Ah/180Ah
Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamps, fog lights, brake lights, indicators and reverse light
Instrument Active check central controller with indicators, with this integral instrument the daily
聽manual checks on the vehicle
combined indicators of compressed air pressure, coolant temperature, engine oil pressure
battery charging
Dimensions (mm) Wheelbase : 3200-3400-3600-3800 mm 3225+1350,3200+1400
Front overhang : 1500 mm 1500
Rear overhang : 1000 mm 725
Approach angle(掳) : 32 16
Departure angel(掳) : 40 70
Overall (L*W*H) mm : 8625x326x3320 6800*2496*3835
Weight(kg) Curb weight : 29700 8800
Front axle loading capacity : 12000 9000
Rear axle loading capacity : 2×26000 18000/18000
Towable Total Mass(kg) : 70000 40000
Performance聽 Maximum driving speed(km/h) : 75 90-102
Parameters Economic Speed(km/h) : 60 72-82
Maximum Gradability(%) :35 35
Minimum Turning Diameter(m) : 4520 15
Consumption(L/100km) : 20 / 35 30-40
Cab HOWO 7D New face cab(one bed,with air conditioner), all-steel forward control, 55ºhydraulically tiltable to the front,2- arm windscreen wiper system with three speeds, laminated windscreen with casted-in radio aerial, hydraulically damped adjustable driver’s seat and rigid adjustable co-driver’s seat, with heating and ventilating system, outer sun visor, adjustable roof flap,with stereo radio/cassette recorder, safety belts and adjustable steering wheel, air horn, with 4-point support fully floating suspension and shock absorbers.

Product Details of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

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Why must HOWO Mining Dump Truck be the best choice for you?

HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4
HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4
Reason 1: load oriented design
  • When it comes to mining, the most important part is how much does the truck carry? When the truck carries more goods in less travel, it is very economical for the owner, otherwise it will cause the loss of the owner. If the truck carries less cargo, more round trips are required.
    HOWO Mining Dump Truck is designed in this way, which can load more goods at a time. 
  • This is possible because our professional design team can achieve such breakthrough design after doing a lot of research and looking for some mining innovations. Chassis, body, axle and suspension are realized in this way. Our HOWO Mining Dump Truck can carry more load than other vehicles.
Reason 2: high bearing capacity

The load capacity ranges from 50 tons, 70 tons and 90 tons; The high load capacity makes it one of the best products in the field, and it is very practical to use because it can save you time and money.

Reason 3: improve the bottom line

Since you carry 50% more goods than other trucks in this field, your company’s bottom line will naturally increase. You just need to make a wise decision to replace two 31 ton mining cars with a high-performance HOWO Mining Dump Truck. With the body size of 30cbm, your truck can load more goods, otherwise you won’t do so.

Reason 4: low maintenance cost
  • Mining operations are carried out in rugged areas, unlike urban roads. The road conditions in the mining area are so poor that we understand the importance of truck construction quality. This is why the manufacturing quality of our HOWO Mining Dump Truck, including the smallest part, is made of the best raw materials. 
  • We assure you that once you start using our high-performance mining vehicle, your maintenance cost will be greatly reduced, because our products are durable and all parts are manufactured according to mining conditions. Because our parts are durable and durable, you will automatically experience lower maintenance costs.
Reason 5: smoother operation
  • Because our HOWO Mining Dump Truck has good manufacturing quality, great economic value and carries more goods than other vehicles, every advantage of this HOWO Mining Dump Truck will make the owner’s operation more smooth. Smoother operation means that your profitability increases because there are fewer problems to worry about. 
  • Sinotruk has been in this industry for 60 years. We understand the importance of a more smooth daily operation of an enterprise.
Reason 6: ahead of your competitors

When your competitors use old trucks and bear high maintenance costs, you use our beast – HOWO Mining Dump Truck here. This is the best truck. You will find that it has low maintenance cost, high carrying capacity and first-class design. You will be ahead of your competitors and develop your business faster than others. Choosing our high-performance truck will be the wisest decision you will make for your enterprise today.

Reason 7: driver safety

The last but not least reason is the driver’s safety. We are convinced of the problems faced by drivers when driving under such conditions. Our HOWO Mining Dump Truck has a fully air-conditioned cab, which proves that it is very helpful and calm for drivers to drive under difficult conditions. Our cab has a 360 degree clear view, so that the driver can understand the surrounding environment and avoid any chance of accidents.

Reason #8: high level
  • We know that we do not have a smooth road in areas where mining activities are carried out. Therefore, we must have a heavy-duty high-performance mining vehicle that can climb any slope. Therefore, mining vehicles must be of high grade. HOWO Mining Dump Truck is a new member of the mining industry and has all the functions that an ideal mining car should have.
  • With our modern technology and cost-effective SINOTRUK, we are sure that our mining truck will become a huge catalyst for the success of all mining operators.

Characteristics and structural features Of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4
HOWO Mining Dump Truck 6X4
(1) The shape is particularly tall and belongs to the super profile type vehicle

HOWO Mining Dump Truck only in the limited range of the mine, the car size is not limited, in order to improve the transport capacity of each vehicle, as much as possible to increase the volume of the carriage, widen and raise the size of the vehicle, its width far exceeds the national JTGB01-2003 “technical standards for highway engineering” and GB1589-2004 “road vehicle outline dimensions, axle load and mass limits” road running vehicles The width of the vehicle shall not exceed the limit value of 2.5 meters and cannot be driven on the highway.

(2) Large load mass and strong power

The load weight of these vehicles is between 20-360 tons, and they are still developing in the direction of massification. Due to the large load tonnage, roads and slopes, the engine must have high power and high torque to ensure that the full load on the slope is also easy and powerful, so these models are equipped with high “specific torque” and high “torque increase coefficient” of engineering-type engines. However, due to the poor off-road conditions, the common speed of these models is around 30-40km/h.

(3) 2 axles 4 × 2 structure type
  • Wheelbase and overall length to strive to shorten the mine loading site area is narrow, and frequent turning and reversing; mine roads are mostly temporary road, mountainous areas up and down slopes, more sharp turns, in order to maintain mobile and flexible, and strive to shorten the wheelbase and overall length, to reduce the turning radius, reduce the number of reversing.
  • So the basic use of 2 axles 4 × 2 structure type, to ensure that the chassis structure is simple, easy maintenance, steering motor sensitive. For such vehicles, the single-axle load far exceeds the GB1589-2004 “road vehicle outline dimensions, axle load and mass limits,” the single-axle load shall not exceed 12 tons of the limit value, can not be driven on the road.
(4) Frame

The frame is a special structure for construction machinery vehicles, all welded structure, its longitudinal beam adopts closed box section to ensure high torsional strength, the thick steel plates used are low-alloy, high-strength steel plates.

(5) Carriage
  • The carriage is also of all-welded structure, with bucket-type floor warped at the rear, generally with a slope angle of 12 degrees and no rear stopper; the bottom plate is made of high strength, high hardness and impact-resistant high-quality steel plate welded to adapt to the transportation of non-highway harsh industrial and mining and rough stone loading on engineering sites, and to ensure that its service life generally reaches more than 10 years. 
  • The latest generation of energy-saving bucket, represented by Australian technology, adopts higher strength alloy steel, which reduces the weight of the bucket by more than 20% and saves 8% of fuel compared with the traditional bucket. Maintenance frequency is reduced by 30%.
(6) Suspension
  • Most of the off-highway (mining) dump trucks adopt oil and gas suspension, especially those with a capacity of 45 tons or more, almost without exception. This short wheelbase and particularly large mass of the model is most suitable for the installation of the use of oil and gas suspension, it does not have the corresponding space to install the traditional steel spring shock absorption. 
  • The oil and gas spring cylinder of the front wheels also serves as the main steering pin, and the outer cylinder barrel is fastened to the outside of the longitudinal beam of the frame, thus eliminating the need for the traditional integral front axle.
(7) Steering

Due to the large mass of the whole vehicle, the front axle load is also large, so the steering of the front wheels depends entirely on hydraulic power. In order to ensure safe and reliable steering, these cars not only adopt full hydraulic steering, but also are equipped with emergency steering system, when the power of the steering system fails, the emergency steering system can ensure that it still has a certain steering capacity, so that the car stops to a safer place.

(8) Braking
  • The reliability of the braking system function also needs to be ensured in the first place because of the large slope in the mining area and the large load capacity of the vehicle. In addition to the main brake function of the HOWO Mining Dump Truck, but also equipped with auxiliary retarded braking capacity: engine exhaust brake, hydraulic retarder or electric wheel into the generator electric retarder function brake function design advanced, braking began, the engine exhaust brake first into work.
  • And then the hydraulic retarder or electric retarder together to join the retarded braking function; finally the main wheel brake and put into work so that the main brake The frequency of use is greatly reduced, often in the best condition, the service life of the brake shoes can be extended.
(9) Transmission

For models with a payload of less than 100 tons, the hydro-mechanical transmission and traditional rear axle are generally used; for models with a large payload of more than 100 tons, the electric transmission is generally used: the engine drives the generator, and then the electric motor in the rear wheels is driven by current to make the rear wheels drive the car.

(10) Using engineering tires

The tread pattern and structure of the tires of these cars are different from those of road cars, which belong to engineering tires, in order to adapt well to the requirements of the use of complex roads.

Parts Of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

PDF Of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

Application Of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

HOWO Mining Dump Truck
HOWO Mining Dump Truck
  • As one of the most reliable and efficient heavy-duty vehicles in the mining industry, HOWO mining dump truck has been widely used in many mining operations around the world.
  • Firstly, HOWO mining dump trucks are commonly used in open-pit mining operations, which require the transportation of large volumes of materials such as minerals, overburden, and waste rock. They are designed to carry heavy loads of materials and can navigate through rough terrain, making them suitable for this type of mining operation. The articulated chassis design of the HOWO mining dump truck allows it to maneuver easily on some of the toughest terrains, increasing the efficiency of the mining operation.
  • Secondly, HOWO mining dump trucks are also used in underground mining operations. In underground mining, the dump truck is used to transport materials from underground to the surface. The HOWO mining dump truck can easily navigate through narrow tunnels and can handle steep inclines with ease. This makes it an ideal vehicle for underground mining operations, as it can efficiently transport large volumes of materials.
  • In addition to efficiency, HOWO mining dump trucks are designed to be reliable, making them a low-maintenance option for mining operators. The durability of the HOWO mining dump truck ensures that it can withstand the challenging mining conditions, reducing the chances of downtime due to breakdowns and repairs. This helps mining companies to save both time and money and increase their productivity.

Packing of HOWO Mining Dump Truck

Transportation of roll-offs
Crating of framed containers
Transportation of bulk cargo
Transportation of roll-offs:

For long-distance transportation of HOWO Mining Dump Truck, roll-off transportation may be used. This method involves loading the HOWO Mining Dump Truck onto a specialized roll-off container, which can be easily rolled on and off the transportation vehicle. This transportation method is fast and efficient for loading and unloading the HOWO Mining Dump Truck.

Crating of framed containers:

Another transportation method for HOWO Mining Dump Truck is crating within framed containers. In this method, the HOWO Mining Dump Truck is placed inside a specially designed framed container, which provides additional protection during transportation. The container can be loaded onto a transportation vehicle and secured in place for safe transport.

Transportation of bulk cargo:

This method involves shipping your HOWO Mining Dump Truck along with other vehicles and cargo in a cargo ship’s hold. This method is more cost-effective but may take longer to reach its destination than the other options. It is a good option for larger shipments or when cost is a primary concern.


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