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HOWO Dump Truck

Sinotruk HOWO Dump Truck, Heavy Dump Truck, China Heavy Duty Dump Truck
  • HOWO DUMP TRUCK have the powerful engine and large torque transmission,with good quality and best is a partner on your career.Overseas markets include Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia and Countries, Middle and Southern America,Covering 94 Countries And Regions.
  • Mainly used for transportino loosen stuff in bulk (such as sand, soil, minerals, etc.), or integrated stuff, mainly in mining, construction sites and so on. lt can be divided into special tippers. ordinary trippers. and mining trippers.

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Sino Howo Dump Truck Can Be Classified According To Different Classification Methods:

  1. Classified according to the use environment:
    road dump truck, mining dump truck, construction waste dump truck, etc.
  2. Classified by load:
    large dump truck, heavy dump truck, medium dump truck, light dump truck, howo mini dump truck, etc.
  3. Classified according to the driving mode:
    Sinotruk Howo 6×4 Dump Truck; howo 6×6 dump truck, sinotruk howo 8×4 tipper truck, etc.
  4. Classified according to the number of wheels:
    howo 10w dump truck; howo 12w dump truck; howo 10 wheeler dump truck; howo dump truck 12 wheeler; howo 6 wheeler dump truck; howo 12 wheeler; howo 10 wheeler
  5. Classified according to the unloading method:
    howo dumper; howo nx dump truck; side dump dump truck, back dump dump truck, central rotary dump truck, etc.
  6. Classified by engine horsepower: howo truck 371; howo 420 dump truck; howo 336 truck; howo dump truck 371; howo 380 dump truck; howo 375 dump truck; sino howo 371; howo dump truck 380;
  7. Classified according to the cubic meters of the car: how dump truck cubic meter
  8. Classified by vehicle type: howo dump truck a7; howo t7 dump truck; howo n7 dump truck; howo a7 dump truck, etc.

Hot Selling Model Of Howo Dump Truck

HOWO 371 Dump Truck
HOWO 371hp dump truck 6X4
HOWO 371 Dump Truck 6X4
HOWO 6x4 371HP LHD
HOWO 6x4 371HP LHD

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Specifications of 2023 Sinotruk HOWO 6x4 Dump Truck

CabinHW70(No bed), HW76(Single bed).
ENGINEModelWD615.62WD615.87WD615.69WD615.47 D10.38-50
Emission StandardEURIIEURV
TransmissionModelHW15710; HW19710; HW19710; THW19712; HW20716
Control ModeMT
Front AxleHF9 drum-type rated load of 9tons
Rear AxlesHC16 16Tbns speed ratio 5.73;4 8;4.42;     AC16 I6tons speed ratio1 5 45:4 77;
ClutchSingle- plate dry diaphragm spnng clutch, diameter 430(B) mm, hydraulically operating with air assistance
SteeringZF8118. steering gear. ZF steering gear, ZF steering oil pump, system pressure 21Mpa
SuspensionLeaf spnng suspension; air spnng suspension
Fuel tank300L
TyresRims: 8.5-20,10 hole-steel Tyres;  12.00-20 Tube; Option: 11 00-20 tube 12.00R20 Tube, 12R22.5 tubeless. 315/80R22 5 tubless

Specifications of 2023 Sinotruk HOWO 8x4 Dump Truck

Cabin HW70(No bed).HW76(Single bed)
ENGINE Model WD615.62 WD615.87 WD615.69 WD615.47  D10.38-50
Fuel Diesel
Displacement 9.726L
Emission Standard EURII EURV
Power 196(266)/2200 213(290)/2200 247(336)/2200 273(371)/2200 276(375)/2000
Torque 1100/1100-1600 1160/1100-1600 1350/1100-1600 1500/1100-1600 1560(1200-1500)
Transmission Model HW15710, HW19710.HW19710T.HW19712.HW20716
Control Mode MT
Front Axle HF9 drum-type rated load of 9tons
Rear Axles HC16X2 16-Tbns speed ratio 5 73:4 8;4 42 AC16X2 16tons speed ratio: 545477:
Clutch Single- plate dry diaphragm spring clutch, diameter 430(B) mm, hydraulically operating with air assistance
Steering ZF8118, steenng gear. ZF steering gear, zf steenng oil pump, system pressure 21Mpa
suspension Leaf spnng suspension: air spnng suspension
Fuel tank 300L
Tyres Rims 8 5-20,10 hoJe-sted Tyres. 12.00-20 Tube Option: 11.00-20 tube 12.00R20 Tube. 12R22.5 tubeless. 315/80R22.5 tubless

Product Details of HOWO Dump Truck

  • One of the most popular and reliable dump trucks on the market today is the heavy-duty HOWO dump truck.  This truck is known for its ruggedness, durability and overall industrial features. With its powerful engine and superior design, the HOWO dump truck can easily handle the toughest terrain and demanding workplaces.
  • Howo dump truck refers to a vehicle that unloads goods by hydraulic or mechanical lifting, also known as a dump truck. It is composed of automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, cargo compartment and power take-off device. Since the loading carriage can automatically tip over for unloading at a certain angle, it greatly saves unloading time and labor, shortens the transportation cycle, improves production efficiency, and reduces transportation costs. It is a commonly used special transportation vehicle. Different transportation conditions will have different requirements for dump trucks.

How to choose a suitable dump truck according to your own conditions?

  • Hydraulic cylinders are the power components for dump truck lifting. Try to choose products with quality assurance.
    Dump trucks with a carriage length greater than 6 meters generally use multi-stage cylinder front-lifting structure. Double-cylinder lifting structure is generally used for a wheelbase of 3 Dump trucks up to 4 meters must be used for transporting large items.
  • When the length of the truck is greater than 5.4 meters, special attention must be paid to the height of the center of gravity and the lifting stability of the truck. The special coal truck cannot be used to transport earth and stone, can cause lifting and overturning. Do not use the bucket carriage to transport sludge, clay and other viscous goods. The structure of the bucket carriage makes it more difficult to unload the viscous goods.
  • When selecting the dump truck that transports iron ore powder, please declare to the manufacturer. It is a good choice to choose a transport truck for iron ore powder; when used for paving asphalt transportation, the lifting mechanism requires a slow-down device.
  • Generally, the height of the carriage of a special coal transportation vehicle is 1.6~1.9 meters. The length of this type of vehicle is designed based on light cargo (specific gravity less than 1.2). When used for transporting earth and stone, it may have poor lifting stability problems. 

Structure and Performance of Howo Dump Truck

Play Video about SINOTRUK-HOWO-371-20CBM-Heavy-Duty-Dump-Truck-High-Strength-Sheet-6-X-4-ZZ3257N3847A-Heavy-Duty-Dump-Truck-1
Play Video about Yellow-50t-Load-75km-H-Heavy-Duty-Dump-Truck-Howo7-2
Play Video about Middle-Lifting-Sinotruk-Howo-6x4-Dump-Truck-Heavy-Duty-10-Wheels-3-Axle-ZZ3257N3847A-1

1. Overview of Howo Dump Truck

Generally speaking, the heavy-duty truck is to add a set of hydraulic lifting mechanism on the current dump truck chassis, the working principle is to use the dump truck engine to drive the hydraulic lifting mechanism, the carriage tilt a certain angle (45 °) to unload; and rely on the carriage self-weight to reset the special dump truck car.

2. Application of Howo Dump Truck

  • Heavy-duty trucks can be divided into two categories according to their use: one belongs to the heavy and super heavy (rated mass of 20 tons or more) dump trucks for non-road transportation. It mainly undertakes transportation tasks of large mines and projects, and is usually used in conjunction with excavators. The other category belongs to the light, medium and heavy (rated mass of 2-20 tons) ordinary dump trucks for road transportation. It mainly undertakes the transportation of loose goods such as gravel, soil, coal, etc., and is usually used in conjunction with a loader. Some dump trucks are designed for special purposes and are also called special dump trucks. 
  • Such as: swing-arm self-loading vehicle, self-loading garbage truck, etc. According to the tilting direction of the goods carried: backward tilting, side-tilting, three-sided tilting and bottom-dumping type; according to the structure of the carriage railing is divided into: railing plate one side open type, railing plate three sides open type and skip type (also known as ship type) dump truck; according to the type of lifting mechanism is divided into: cylinder direct push type, rod combination type (generally are four-link mechanism).

3. The composition of Howo Dump Truck

The heavy-duty dump truck is generally composed of dump truck chassis, carriage, hydraulic lifting mechanism, subframe, rear rail locking mechanism and fender.

(1) Heavy-duty truck chassis

Heavy-duty dump truck chassis is the vehicle category code “3” of the car, at present, major domestic and foreign manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty automobile chassis are producing light, medium and heavy dump truck chassis.

(2) Product Body Type Display Of Howo Dump Truck

Tail Lift
Rectangular Bucket
U-shaped Bucket
Enhanced bucket
Enhanced Bucket

The carriage is the device for loading cargo of the dump truck. According to the structure of the heavy-duty truck compartment is divided into: single door, three doors, five doors, dustpan type.

  • Single door: only the rear compartment plate can automatically open and close.
  • Three-door: the left and right side of the compartment can be opened and closed (when seriously overloaded, the cargo can be allowed to leak down from both sides of the compartment), and the back of the compartment can be opened and closed automatically.
  • Five open doors: the left and right side of the compartment board each in two pieces can open and close, the back of the compartment board can automatically open and close.
  • Skip type: the bottom plate is upward in the rear end, mainly used for transporting ore and other large pieces of goods.
Play Video about howo-dump-truck

(3) hydraulic system lifting mechanism

Hydraulic system has two categories: one is open hydraulic system, that is, the hydraulic system has oil storage device – tank, the other is closed hydraulic system, that is, the hydraulic system does not have another oil storage device – tank, but in the cylinder internal oil return.

(4) heavy-duty dump truck subframe:

The main functions of heavy-duty dump truck subframe are: ① As the support mechanism of dump truck car lift, lifting mechanism are placed in the subframe. ② sub frame and dump truck chassis longitudinal beam is all fit together, that is, the frame and dump truck chassis beam is point and surface contact, so as to protect the role of the dump truck chassis.

(5) rear rail plate locking mechanism and fender composition

The function of the rear rail plate locking mechanism is to realize the dump truck rear rail plate open and close automatically open, lock, so as to achieve automatic unloading.

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