Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

Howo Concrete mixer truck (Cement mixer, concrete mixer) is a special truck used to transport construction concrete. Because of its shape, it is often called snail truck. This kind of truck is equipped with cylindrical mixing drum to carry the mixed concrete. 

During the transportation, the mixing drum will always rotate to ensure that the transported concrete will not solidify. Water is usually used after transporting the concrete Flush the inside of the mixing drum to prevent the hardened concrete from occupying space.

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Sinotruk Howo 6x4 336hp Concrete Mixer Truck

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Basic Configuration of HOWO 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck-Body

Parameters Volume8 Cubic meters9 Cubic meters10 Cubic meters12 Cubic meters14 Cubic meters16 Cubic meters
Geometric Volume13.514.51618.621.6523.5
Nominal mixing volume8910121416
Speed of mixing barrel0-160-160-160-160-160-16
Mixing obliquity13.513.511101010
Capacity of water tank400400400400400400
Residual rate of discharge<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.5<0.5
Max dimension of hopper980980980980980980

Basic Configuration of HOWO 6X4 Concrete Mixer Truck—Chassis

ModelCabEngineTransmissionDriving AxleFront AxleSteeringTyreWheel Base

Basic Configuration of HOWO 8X4 Concrete Mixer Truck—Chassis

CabEngineTransmissionDriving AxleFront AxleSteeringTyreWheel Base

Composition of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

It is composed of automobile chassis, mixing drum, transmission system, water supply device, full power power take-off, front and rear supports of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic transmission system, feeding and discharging system, control mechanism, etc. Due to the technical bottleneck, the tank volume of domestic mixer truck is 3M ³- 8m ³ Domestic four large pieces, 8M ³ Most of the four large parts with the above volume are imported parts.

Composition of mixer truck: Class II chassis, transmission system, hydraulic system, frame, mixing tank, howo mixer truck feeding and discharging device, water supply system, control system, ladder, etc. The front end of the mixing tank is connected with the reducer and installed on the front desk of the rack, and the rear end is supported by two supporting wheels installed on the back of the rack through the raceway.

Product Details of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

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Working principle of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

The howo transit mixer power is output by the class II chassis full power take-off and transmitted to the hydraulic pump through the transmission shaft. The hydraulic energy generated by the hydraulic pump is transmitted to the hydraulic motor through the oil pipe. The hydraulic motor converts the hydraulic energy into kinetic energy and transmits it to the mixing tank through the reducer, By adjusting the servo handle angle of the (double acting variable) hydraulic pump, the forward and reverse rotation and speed of the mixing tank can be realized, so as to realize concrete loading, mixing, stirring, discharging and other operations.

HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

Special Agency Of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

Main classification

The howo mixer special mechanism mainly includes power takeoff, front and rear supports of mixing drum, reducer, hydraulic system, mixing drum, operating mechanism, cleaning system, etc. Its working principle: take out the power of the automobile chassis through the power take-off device, drive the variable pump of the hydraulic system, convert the mechanical energy into hydraulic energy and transmit it to the quantitative motor. The motor then drives the reducer, and the reducer drives the mixing device to mix the concrete.

Power take-off device
The domestic howo concrete mixer truck adopts the power take-off mode of main vehicle engine. The function of the power take-off device is to take out the power of the engine by operating the power take-off switch, drive the mixing drum through the hydraulic system, and the mixing drum rotates forward during feeding and transportation, so as to facilitate feeding and mixing of concrete, rotate reversely during discharging, and cut off the power connection with the engine after the end of work.
Hydraulic system
The engine power taken out by the power take-off (generally rear full-function power take-off) is converted into hydraulic energy (displacement and pressure), and then output into mechanical energy (speed and torque) by the motor to provide power for the rotation of the mixing drum.
The howo truck mixer speed output by the motor in the hydraulic system is decelerated and transmitted to the mixing drum.
Operating mechanism
a. Control the rotation direction of the mixing drum to make it rotate forward during feeding and transportation and reverse during discharging.
b. Control the rotating speed of the mixing drum.
Mixing device
It is mainly composed of mixing drum and its auxiliary supporting parts. The mixing drum is a concrete loading container, which is made of high-quality wear-resistant steel plate. In order to automatically load and unload concrete, its inner wall is welded with spiral blades of special shape. When rotating, the concrete moves along the spiral direction of the blade and is mixed and stirred in the process of continuous lifting and turning. During feeding and transportation, the mixing drum rotates forward, and the concrete moves inward along the blade. When discharging, the mixing drum reverses, and the concrete is discharged outward along the blade. The rotation of the mixing drum is guaranteed by the hydraulic driving device. The loading capacity is 3 ~ 6 cubic meters.
Cleaning system
The main function of the cleaning system is to clean the mixing drum, and sometimes it is also used for dry material mixing during transportation. The cleaning system also cools the hydraulic system.
Closure device
The fully enclosed device adopts rotary sealing technology to seal the inlet and outlet of the mixer truck, and solves a series of problems such as water evaporation, mortar stratification, concrete scattering and driving safety of the traditional mixer truck

Parts Of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

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Howo Cargo Truck

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Howo Cargo Truck

Maintenance and Repair of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck

Since the concrete will solidify into hard blocks in a short time and have certain corrosivity to steel and paint, cleaning the concrete adhered to the concrete storage tank and the inlet and outlet after each use of the concrete storage tank is a daily maintenance work that must be carried out carefully. These include:
a. Wash the feed port with water before each loading to keep the feed port wet during loading;
b. Fill the cleaning water tank with water while loading;
c. Wash the inlet after loading and clean the residual concrete near the inlet;
d. After unloading at the construction site, wash the discharge tank, and then add 30-40 l of cleaning water to the concrete storage tank; Keep the concrete storage tank rotating forward and slowly when the vehicle returns;
e. Remember to discharge the sewage in the concrete storage tank before the next loading;
f. Thoroughly clean the concrete storage tank and around the inlet and outlet at the end of each day to ensure that there is no cement and concrete caking.
As long as the above work is not carried out seriously once, it will bring great trouble to the future work.

After sales maintenance of concrete mixer
1、 Reasonably determine the protection period. Vehicle protection cycle refers to the distance, mileage or time of vehicle protection. In the process of practical application, the owner shall refer to the protection cycle recommended by the automobile manufacturer, and make appropriate adjustment to the protection cycle in connection with the skills and application premise of the automobile itself. Generally speaking, the new car is used under the premise of superior road conditions without too frequent protection, and the protection cycle specified by the manufacturer can be used as the upper limit; In case of poor vehicle skills or poor application conditions, the protection cycle shall be appropriately shortened.
2、 Full application of free testing. The free inspection campaign launched by the manufacturer of howo concrete mixer truck is often beneficial to the owner. The owner can use these inspection campaigns to conduct specific physical examination on the car he likes, find and eliminate some potential problems in real time, and then save the high maintenance and protection costs that can be presented in the future.
3、 Crash the service assembly as little as possible. Many concrete mixer owners have this feeling. They like that an assembly of the car can not be cleaned up after crash maintenance, which makes the vehicle enter the maintenance period too early. The reason for this scene mainly involves the assembly skills of repairmen and the quality of accessories.

Driving device

The driving device is used to drive the concrete storage tank to rotate. It is composed of power takeoff, universal shaft, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor, control valve, hydraulic oil tank and cooling device. If this part stops working due to failure, the concrete storage tank will not rotate, which will lead to the scrapping of the concrete in the vehicle. Therefore, whether the driving device is reliable or not is a problem that must be paid great attention to in use. In order to ensure the integrity and reliability of the driving device, the following maintenance work shall be done:
a. The universal rotating part is a fault prone part, so the lubricating grease shall be filled on time, the wear shall be checked frequently, and the parts shall be repaired and replaced in time. The fleet shall have spare cardan shaft assembly to ensure that it can resume operation within tens of minutes in case of failure.
b. Ensure that the hydraulic oil is clean. The working environment of howo concrete mixer truck is bad, so it is necessary to prevent dirty cement sand from entering the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil shall be replaced regularly according to the requirements of the operation manual. Once water or sediment is found in the hydraulic oil during inspection, stop the machine immediately to clean the hydraulic system and replace the hydraulic oil.
c. Ensure that the hydraulic oil cooling device is effective. Clean the hydraulic oil radiator regularly to prevent the radiator from being blocked by cement.