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Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 is widely used in construction projects for transporting and mixing concrete.

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Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4
Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Basic Configuration of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Typical truck modelZZ1317M3261WZZ1317N3261WZZ1317S3261WZZ1317N3667A
TypeHW76 extend cab, one berth, with A/C all steel forward control, 55°hydraulically tiltable to the front,2-arm windscreen wiper system with 3 speeds, laminate windscreen, with casted-in radio aerial, hydraulically damped adjustable driver’s seat and rigid adjustable co-driver’s seat, heating & ventilation system, adjustable roof flap, with stereo radio/cassette recorder, sun visor, and adjustable steering wheel, air horn, with 4-point support fully floating suspension and shock absorber with transverse stabilizer, safety belt.
Rated power290HP(213Kw/rpm)336HP(247Kw/rpm)371HP(273Kw/rpm)
Type6 cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging & intercooling
Mixer tanker size12CBM-16CBM
ClutchSingle- plate dry diaphragm spring clutch, diameter 430(C) mm, hydraulically operating with air assistance
TransmissionSINOTRUK HW series 10/12/16 speed transmission, 10 forward and 2 reverse
Front axleSteering axle with double T-cross section HF9
Drive axlePressed axle housing, central single reduction HC16/AC16
ChassisFrame: U-profile parallel ladder type with section of 320×90×8 mm, all cold riveted cross members and reinforced subframe
Front suspension: 9 semi-elliptic leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic double-action shock absorbers and stabilizer
Rear suspension: 9+6 semi-elliptic leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic double-action shock absorbers and stabilizer
Spare wheel carrier: with one spare wheel
Aluminum fuel tank: with 400 L fuel tank with locking fuel cap
SteeringGermany ZF, hydraulic steering with power assistance
BrakesService brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking Brake(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust brake
Option: ABS
Wheel & TypesRims: 8.0-20, 10 hole-steel
Types 11.00-20 tube;
Option: 12.00-20 tube, 12.00R20 tube
ElectricsOperating voltage:24V, negative grounded;  Starter: 24V, 5.4KW
Alternator: 28V, 1540W;  Batteries: 2×12, 165Ah
Cigar-lighter, horn, headlamp, fog light, brake lights, indicators and reverse lamp

Basic Configuration of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4—Chassis

Cab Engine Transmission Driving Axle Front Axle Steering Tyre Wheel Base
ZZ1317N3261 HW70 336HP HW15710 HC16 HF9 ZF8118 12.00R20 3200+1400mm
ZZ1317N3661W HW76 371HP HW19710 HC16 HF9 ZF8118 12.00R20 3600+1400mm

Product Details of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4
Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4
Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4
  1. Chassis: The truck is built on a sturdy Howo chassis with 8×4 configuration, featuring eight wheels in total. This configuration provides excellent load-bearing capacity and stability.
  2. Engine: It is equipped with a powerful diesel engine that generates substantial horsepower and torque. The engine is designed for heavy-duty applications, ensuring efficient performance and sufficient power for various operating conditions.
  3. Mixing Drum Capacity: The mixer truck typically offers a large mixing drum capacity ranging from 8 to 14 cubic meters. The exact capacity may vary based on specific model variants and customer requirements.
  4. Mixing Drum Material: The drum is constructed using high-strength steel, ensuring durability and resistance to wear and tear during the continuous mixing process. The robust construction allows for prolonged use in demanding construction environments.
  5. Drum Rotation System: The drum features a hydraulic rotation system, which enables it to rotate continuously and in a single direction. The speed and direction of rotation can be controlled electronically or manually, providing flexibility during the mixing and pouring processes.
  6. Water and Additive Addition System: The truck is equipped with a water tank and an additive tank for convenient and accurate addition of water and other additives. These tanks are designed to ensure precise mixing proportions and help achieve the desired concrete consistency and properties.
  7. Control System: The mixer truck incorporates an advanced control system that allows operators to monitor and manage various aspects of the mixing operation. It may include digital display panels, control levers, and switches for controlling drum rotation, water/additive addition, and discharge process.
  8. Safety Features: To ensure operator and bystander safety, the truck is equipped with safety features such as emergency stop buttons, protective covers for moving parts, and warning signs. Additionally, it may have rear-view cameras or sensors to assist in maneuvering the vehicle safely.
  9. Maintenance and Cleaning: The truck is designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning. This may include easy-access points for maintenance checks, lubrication, and drum cleaning systems such as high-pressure water washing.

It’s important to note that the specific product details of the Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 may vary depending on the manufacturer, model variant, and optional features chosen by customers.

Working Principle of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4
Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

The Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 is a heavy-duty vehicle specifically designed for transporting and mixing concrete on construction sites.

Its working principle involves several key components and processes:
  1. Chassis: The truck is built on a robust chassis with four axles, enabling it to carry heavy loads and provide stability during operation.
  2. Mixing Drum: The truck features a large cylindrical drum mounted on the rear. The drum is made of high-strength steel and is capable of rotating continuously in one direction.
  3. Loading: The concrete is loaded into the mixer truck at a batching plant or directly at the construction site. This can be done using a conveyor belt, a concrete pump, or by manual loading.
  4. Water and Additive Addition: Once the concrete is loaded, water and any necessary additives, such as accelerators or plasticizers, can be added to the drum to achieve the desired concrete properties.
  5. Mixing: The drum starts rotating in one direction, usually controlled hydraulically. As the drum rotates, the concrete materials are lifted and tumbled within the drum. This action ensures thorough mixing and uniform distribution of all components.
  6. Transportation: The fully mixed concrete is kept in the rotating drum during transportation to prevent segregation or setting. The truck’s powerful engine and transmission system provide the necessary power and torque to move the loaded vehicle to the desired location.
  7. Discharge: When the concrete reaches the designated destination, the drum continues to rotate at a controlled speed. The concrete is discharged through a chute located at the rear of the truck, either directly onto the ground or into concrete forms.
  8. Cleaning: After each use, the mixer truck’s drum needs to be cleaned thoroughly to avoid residual concrete hardening and affecting future operations. This can be done by rotating the drum in the opposite direction while washing it with pressurized water.

The working principle of the Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 revolves around the effective combination of transportation and continuous mixing, ensuring the delivery of fresh and homogeneously mixed concrete to construction sites.

Production Line of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Production Line of Howo Mixer Truck 1
  • The production line of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 is a highly efficient and automated process that involves several critical stages. The process begins with the shot blasting stage, where the truck’s metal body is blasted with high-pressure abrasive material to remove any rust, dirt, or old paint. After the shot blasting, the truck’s body goes through a series of wiping and putty coating stages to smooth out any rough surfaces and prepare it for the painting process.
  • The putty coating stage is followed by the putty polishing and putty drying stages, where the putty is polished to a smooth finish and left to dry. After the putty is dried, the body goes through the primary coat painting stage, where a layer of paint is applied to the surface to protect it from corrosion and provide a smooth finish.
  • Once the primary coat is applied, the body is left to dry before going through the assembly stage. The assembly stage involves installing various components, including the engine, hydraulic system, mixing drum, and closure device, to the body of the truck.
  • After the assembly is completed, the body goes through the finishing coat drying and baking paint for metal stage. This stage involves applying a final coat of paint to the truck’s surface and baking it at high temperatures to ensure the paint’s adhesion and durability.
  • The final stages of the production line involve the finishing coat painting and primary coat grinding stages. The finishing coat painting stage ensures the paint’s evenness and smoothness, while the primary coat grinding stage removes any imperfections and provides a perfect finish.
  • In conclusion, the production line of Howo mixer truck is a highly automated and efficient process that ensures the truck’s high quality and durability. The process involves several critical stages, including shot blasting, wiping, putty coating, painting, assembly, and finishing. With its advanced technology and skilled workforce, Howo ensures that each mixer truck is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Applications of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4
Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

The Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 has numerous applications in the construction industry due to its ability to transport and mix concrete efficiently.

Some common applications include:
  1. Construction Sites: The truck is widely used on construction sites to transport ready-mix concrete from batching plants to the desired location. It is particularly suitable for large-scale projects that require a high volume of concrete.
  2. Road Construction: The mixer truck is essential for road construction projects, where it is used to deliver concrete for road foundations, curbs, pavements, and other structural elements. Its large capacity and maneuverability make it ideal for such applications.
  3. Building Construction: The truck plays a crucial role in building construction, delivering concrete for building foundations, columns, beams, slabs, and other structural elements. It ensures the timely supply of fresh concrete, enhancing construction efficiency.
  4. Dam and Bridge Construction: The mixer truck is often employed in the construction of dams and bridges, where a substantial amount of concrete is required. It delivers concrete to remote and challenging locations, ensuring proper placement for strong and durable structures.
  5. Commercial and Residential Projects: Whether it’s a commercial high-rise building or a residential housing complex, the mixer truck is used to transport and pour concrete for various construction elements, such as floors, walls, staircases, and parking areas.
  6. Infrastructure Development: The truck is involved in infrastructure development projects, including the construction of airports, seaports, railways, and tunnels. It helps in delivering concrete to different areas of these projects, supporting their timely completion.
  7. Repair and Renovation: In addition to new construction, the mixer truck is used for repair and renovation works. It transports concrete for repairing damaged structures, filling potholes, and creating new sections within existing buildings.
  8. Remote Construction Sites: The off-road capabilities of the Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 make it suitable for transportation and concrete mixing in remote and challenging terrains. It assists in construction projects in hilly areas, rural locations, and mining sites.

The Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 is a versatile and indispensable vehicle in the construction industry, contributing to the smooth progress of various construction projects and ensuring the efficient delivery of high-quality concrete.

Shipping Of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8x4

Transportation of roll-offs
Crating of framed containers
Transportation of bulk cargo
Transportation of roll-offs:

For long-distance transportation of Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4, roll-off transportation may be used. This method involves loading the Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 onto a specialized roll-off container, which can be easily rolled on and off the transportation vehicle. This transportation method is fast and efficient for loading and unloading the Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4.

Crating of framed containers:

Another transportation method for Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 is crating within framed containers. In this method, the Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 is placed inside a specially designed framed container, which provides additional protection during transportation. The container can be loaded onto a transportation vehicle and secured in place for safe transport.

Transportation of bulk cargo:

This method involves shipping your Howo Concrete Mixer Truck 8×4 along with other vehicles and cargo in a cargo ship’s hold. This method is more cost-effective but may take longer to reach its destination than the other options. It is a good option for larger shipments or when cost is a primary concern.

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