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Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

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Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck
Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Product Description Of Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

No. Item Unit Value
1 Model JHL5250ZXX
2 Treatment capacity M³/h 126
3 Compressor model PD745/15
4 Compressor model Kw 5.5
5 Overall dimensions(L*W*H) Mm 5870*2500*2370
6 Compressing force KN 360
7 Compacting density T/m³ 0.75
8 Cycle S 38
9 Garbage compression chamber capacity 2.3
10 Loading capacity 15
11 Theoretical power consumption per ton of garbage Kwh/t 0.196
12 Power supply 380V
13 Carriage dead weight T 5.48
14 Carriage back door lock mode Hydraulic Lock LockSDFASDFASDFALllock(mechanical lock <optional>)

Prominent Features Of Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck
Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

The Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck is a specialized vehicle designed for efficient garbage collection and transportation. Here are some of its key features:

  1. Chassis: The garbage truck is built on a sturdy and durable Howo 6×4 chassis. This configuration provides excellent load-bearing capacity and ensures stability during garbage collection and transportation operations.
  2. Hook Arm System: The truck is equipped with a hydraulic hook arm system. This system allows for quick and efficient loading and unloading of waste containers. The hook arm extends and retracts hydraulically, securely gripping and releasing the containers with ease.
  3. Multiple Container Compatibility: The Hook Arm Garbage Truck is designed to accommodate different sizes and types of waste containers. It can handle standard-sized bins, roll-off containers, and other compatible waste collection receptacles commonly used in the industry.
  4. Hydraulic Control: The hook arm system, as well as other functionalities of the garbage truck, operate through hydraulic controls. This allows for precise and efficient handling of waste containers. It also enhances operator convenience and ease of use.
  5. Rear-access Container Placement: The truck typically has a rear-access design, allowing the operator to pick up and place containers from the rear of the vehicle. This design promotes safe and convenient operation while optimizing efficiency during garbage collection rounds.
  6. Waste Compaction: Some variants of the Howo Hook Arm Garbage Truck may feature waste compaction capabilities. After loading the waste container onto the truck, the garbage is compacted to maximize cargo capacity. This feature helps reduce the number of trips required to dispose of the collected waste.
  7. Operator Safety Features: Sinotruk pays attention to operator safety by integrating safety features such as cameras, alarms, and sensors. These features enhance visibility, assist in maneuvering the vehicle, and alert the operator of any potential hazards during garbage collection and transportation.
  8. Environmental Considerations: The Hook Arm Garbage Truck may incorporate various eco-friendly features. These can include emission control systems, noise reduction measures, and fuel-efficient components, contributing to a greener and more sustainable waste management operation.

It’s important to note that specific features may vary depending on the model and customization options chosen. We are a reliable supplier specializing in heavy truck parts, and when looking for spare parts for Sitrak cabs, we can provide you with the most accurate information about the availability and compatibility of spare parts for specific Sitrak models, so please feel free to ask.

Specialized Device Of Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Boday volume 6 CBM
Filler volume 0.9CBM
Cycle Time of Filling ≤25 S
Discharging Time ≤45 S
Lifting Time of Filler 8 – 10 S
Max.Compression Force 18MPA

Working Principle of Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck-4
Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

The working principle of a Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck involves a combination of mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical systems.

Here’s a simplified explanation of how it operates:
  1. Preparation: Before starting the garbage collection operation, the truck is positioned properly by the operator. The hook arm system is in its retracted position, and the garbage container or bin is positioned for loading.
  2. Container Connection: The hydraulic hook arm extends forward, guided by the operator, to connect with the waste container. The hook arm securely engages with the container’s lifting hooks or lugs, ensuring a firm attachment.
  3. Container Lifting: The hydraulic system activates, lifting the waste container off the ground and into the air. The hook arm raises the container to a height that allows clearance for movement and transportation.
  4. Container Transportation: With the container securely attached to the hook arm, the truck can move to the desired location. The waste container is transported on the truck, along with other collected containers, to the designated disposal or unloading area.
  5. Container Unloading: Upon reaching the disposal area, the operator positions the truck appropriately for unloading. The hydraulic system activates, and the hook arm extends forward, gently lowering the container onto the ground or designated spot.
  6. Container Release: The hydraulic system disengages the hook arm from the container, allowing it to safely detach. The hook arm then retracts back into its original position, preparing for the next collection operation.
  7. Repeat Process: The garbage truck repeats the above process for each successive container or bin until all waste collection and transportation tasks are complete.

It’s important to note that the specific working principle may vary slightly depending on the model and features of the Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck. Contact us to provide you with detailed instructions and safety guidelines that operators must follow to ensure the correct and safe use of the equipment.

Application Cases Of Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

The Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck is a versatile vehicle designed for efficient waste collection and transportation.

Here are some application cases where this type of garbage truck can be effectively utilized:
  1. Municipal Waste Management: The Hook Arm Garbage Truck is commonly used in municipal waste management systems. It aids in the collection and transportation of residential and commercial waste from designated collection points to disposal facilities or recycling centers.
  2. Urban and Suburban Areas: The truck is particularly suitable for use in urban and suburban areas where space constraints and narrow streets make maneuvering difficult. Its hook arm system allows for efficient container loading and unloading without the need for manual lifting or separate collection vehicles.
  3. Large-Scale Waste Collection: The Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck is ideal for large-scale waste collection operations. It can handle various sizes of waste containers, including roll-off containers, which are commonly used for construction sites, industrial areas, or large events.
  4. Recycling Initiatives: The truck can be an essential asset in recycling initiatives. It facilitates the collection and transportation of recyclable materials from recycling bins or designated collection points to recycling facilities. The Hook Arm Garbage Truck helps promote sustainable waste management practices.
  5. Specialized Waste Collection: The Hook Arm Garbage Truck can be configured for specialized waste collection purposes. This includes collecting bulky items, green waste, or hazardous waste in dedicated containers. It helps streamline the waste collection process and ensures proper disposal of specific waste streams.
  6. Commercial Waste Disposal: The truck is commonly used for commercial waste disposal. It facilitates the collection and transportation of waste from businesses such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and industrial facilities, contributing to maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in commercial areas.
  7. Construction and Demolition Sites: The Howo Hook Arm Garbage Truck is useful for waste management at construction and demolition sites. It aids in collecting and transporting construction debris, such as concrete, wood, and metal waste, from the site to appropriate waste disposal facilities.

These are just a few examples of the application cases for the Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck. Its versatility, robustness, and efficient loading and unloading capabilities make it a valuable asset for waste management operations in various sectors.

Shipping Of Howo 6x4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck

Transportation of roll-offs
Crating of framed containers
Transportation of bulk cargo
Transportation of roll-offs:

For long-distance transportation of Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck, roll-off transportation may be used. This method involves loading the Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck onto a specialized roll-off container, which can be easily rolled on and off the transportation vehicle. This transportation method is fast and efficient for loading and unloading the Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck.

Crating of framed containers:

Another transportation method for Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck is crating within framed containers. In this method, the Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck is placed inside a specially designed framed container, which provides additional protection during transportation. The container can be loaded onto a transportation vehicle and secured in place for safe transport.

Transportation of bulk cargo:

This method involves shipping your Howo 6×4 Hook Arm Garbage Truck along with other vehicles and cargo in a cargo ship’s hold. This method is more cost-effective but may take longer to reach its destination than the other options. It is a good option for larger shipments or when cost is a primary concern.

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