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Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

The Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck is commonly used in industries such as oil and gas, transportation, and construction.

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Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

Howo 4X2 Asphalt Distribution Truck

Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck
Howo 4X2 Asphalt Distribution Truck-1 (1)
Products Technical Specification
HOWO Bitumen spreader Truck
HOWO 4*2
Power steering
Vehicle Description
Overall dimensions(mm)
Curb weight(vehicle) (kg)
Loading capacity (kg)
Max speed (Km/h)
Diesel, 4-cylinder in line with water cooling, turbo-charging
Max. power/rotated speed
Emission level
Euro 3 EGR
Chassis Description
Wheel base
Front axle
Rear axle
Gear box
Brake system
Air braking
Operation control system
Power Steering
Electric system
Asphalt / Bitumen spraying system 
Capacity of tank body:
6000Liters Thickness of tank body: 4mm Q235 carbon steel. 80mm rock wool insulation material. Outside cover 1mm Matt stainless steel
Bitumen pump
QGB680,High viscosity asphalt pump, 680 litres / min.
Hydraulic system
By manual reversing valve; asphalt pump hydraulic drive motor model 05-110-BD31; hydraulic pump model CBQ550-L;
spray width
4.5 meters; 34 intelligent asphalt nozzles.
control mode
after operation platform operation box control;
heating way
burner (Italy G20) and heat conduction oil automatic heating;
gasoline engine
6 kw
Special for Emulsified asphalt, hot asphalt and Modified asphalt

Features of Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck
Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck
  1. Maneuverability: The 4×2 configuration of the truck provides good maneuverability, making it easier to navigate through narrow city streets, crowded areas, and construction sites. This allows for efficient delivery of oils to various locations, including those with limited access.
  2. Fuel Efficiency: The 4×2 configuration typically results in better fuel efficiency compared to larger trucks with additional axles. This helps in reducing operating costs over time, especially during long-distance oil distribution operations.
  3. Versatility: The Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck is versatile and can be used for different types of oil distribution tasks, including transporting and delivering fuel, lubricants, and other petroleum-based products. It can serve various industries such as transportation, construction, agriculture, and more.
  4. Easy Maintenance: Howo trucks are known for their ease of maintenance. The 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck is designed with accessibility in mind, making it easier to perform routine inspections, maintenance, and repairs. This helps reduce downtime and ensures the truck operates smoothly.
  5. Capacity Options: The Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck offers a range of tank capacity options to cater to different customer requirements. This ensures flexibility in meeting varying demand levels, allowing for efficient distribution without continuously refilling the tank.
  6. Reliable Performance: Howo trucks are known for their reliability and durability. They are built with high-quality materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand the demands of heavy-duty operations. This reliability translates into consistent performance in oil distribution operations.
  7. Safety Features: Howo trucks are equipped with safety features to minimize potential risks during oil distribution. These can include emergency shut-off valves, spill containment systems, and fire suppression equipment, ensuring safe handling and transport of oils.
  8. Customization Options: Howo trucks often offer customization options, allowing customers to tailor the 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck to their specific needs. This can include features such as additional compartments, specialized dispensing equipment, and more.

Working Principle of Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck
Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

The working principle of the Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck involves several key steps to effectively distribute oils. Here is a general breakdown of the working principle:

  1. Loading: The truck is first loaded with the desired type and quantity of oil or lubricant. This is done by connecting the loading equipment, such as hoses or pipes, to the filling ports on the truck’s tanker body.
  2. Pumping: Once the truck is loaded, the oil distribution process begins. The oil pump, powered by the truck’s engine or a separate motor, starts drawing oil from the tanker body and pressurizing it.
  3. Control and Measurement: The operator in the cabin uses the control system to adjust the flow rate and set the desired quantity of oil to be dispensed. Meters and valves are used to accurately measure and control the amount of oil to be distributed.
  4. Dispensing Outlets: The oil distributor truck is equipped with dispensing outlets, such as hoses and nozzles. The operator moves to the designated location where the oil needs to be distributed, such as a fuel station or construction site.
  5. Distribution: The operator controls the flow of oil through the dispensing outlets. The oil is delivered through the hoses and nozzles, ensuring precise and controlled distribution onto the desired areas or equipment.
  6. Monitoring and Safety: Throughout the oil distribution process, the operator monitors the operation and ensures the proper functioning of the equipment. Safety measures, such as emergency shut-off valves and spill containment systems, are in place to prevent accidents and oil spills.
  7. Replenishment and Maintenance: As the oil in the tanker body depletes, the truck may need to be replenished with additional oil. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the tanker body and dispensing equipment are conducted to ensure continuous and efficient operations.

It’s important to note that the specific working principle and operation may vary among different models and configurations of the Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck. Additionally, safety regulations and operational procedures specific to the region or industry must be followed during the oil distribution process.

Application Cases Of Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck
Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

The Howo asphalt distribution truck, also known as an asphalt tanker or asphalt distributor, is primarily used for the transportation and distribution of hot liquid asphalt for road construction and maintenance. Here are some common application cases for Howo asphalt distribution trucks:

  1. Road Construction: Howo asphalt distribution trucks play a vital role in road construction projects. They are used to distribute hot liquid asphalt onto the road surface, ensuring a smooth and durable pavement. The trucks deliver the asphalt material to the construction site and evenly distribute it using spray bars or nozzles. This helps create a consistent and well-compacted road surface.
  2. Road Maintenance and Repair: Asphalt distribution trucks are also used for road maintenance and repair work. They can be utilized to fill potholes, cracks, and other surface defects with hot asphalt mixtures, extending the lifespan of the road. Additionally, these trucks can apply surface treatments such as fog seals or rejuvenating agents to preserve and protect the existing road surface.
  3. Chip Sealing: Chip sealing is a common road maintenance technique that involves applying a layer of liquid asphalt followed by a layer of aggregate chips to the road surface. Howo asphalt distribution trucks are used to spray the hot liquid asphalt onto the road, and then aggregate chips are spread over it to provide texture and increase skid resistance. Chip sealing helps seal cracks, waterproof the road, and extend its service life.
  4. Airport Runway Maintenance: Howo asphalt distribution trucks are employed in maintaining airport runways and taxiways. These trucks distribute hot asphalt material for repairing runway surface damage, filling cracks, and ensuring a safe and smooth landing and takeoff for aircraft.
  5. Parking Lot Construction and Maintenance: Asphalt distribution trucks are utilized for the construction and maintenance of parking lots. They deliver and distribute hot asphalt material, forming a durable and even surface for parking areas. These trucks are particularly useful in commercial and residential complexes, shopping malls, and other parking lot facilities.
  6. Street Resurfacing: Howo asphalt distribution trucks are involved in street resurfacing projects. They transport and distribute hot asphalt mixtures to resurface worn-out roads, enhancing their condition and improving driving comfort. Street resurfacing is a cost-effective way to extend the life of roads and avoid costly reconstruction.
  7. Bridge Deck Maintenance: Asphalt distribution trucks are also used in bridge deck maintenance. They transport and distribute hot asphalt materials for applying protective waterproofing layers on bridge decks, preventing corrosion and damage caused by exposure to moisture and chemicals.

These application cases demonstrate the versatility of Howo asphalt distribution trucks in various road construction, maintenance, and repair activities. With their efficient and reliable asphalt distribution capabilities, these trucks contribute to the development and upkeep of high-quality road infrastructure.

Shipping Of Howo 4x2 Oil Distributor Truck

Transportation of roll-offs
Crating of framed containers
Transportation of bulk cargo
Transportation of roll-offs:

For long-distance transportation of Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck, roll-off transportation may be used. This method involves loading the Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck onto a specialized roll-off container, which can be easily rolled on and off the transportation vehicle. This transportation method is fast and efficient for loading and unloading the Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck.

Crating of framed containers:

Another transportation method for Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck is crating within framed containers. In this method, the Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck is placed inside a specially designed framed container, which provides additional protection during transportation. The container can be loaded onto a transportation vehicle and secured in place for safe transport.

Transportation of bulk cargo:

This method involves shipping your Howo 4×2 Oil Distributor Truck along with other vehicles and cargo in a cargo ship’s hold. This method is more cost-effective but may take longer to reach its destination than the other options. It is a good option for larger shipments or when cost is a primary concern.

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