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As we know that the clutch can be separated as push type and pull type. For the pull-type clutch, the structure is simple, the efficiency is higher and the service life is longer.

Therefore, for HOWO trucks, especially the high-powered vehicles, the 371 hp HOWO, the clutch type is the pull-type clutch.

First, let’s look at how it works. Let’s look at the status of engagement:

When the pressure plate and the flywheel (howo parts) are bolted to the engine, the clutch is in the engaged status.

At this point, the spring leaf on the clutch cover causes the platen face and the flywheel to tightly press the clutch

plate between them. When the clutch cover assembly and the flywheel rotate, the driven disk assembly and the transmission drive shaft are driven by the frictional torque on the friction plate on the driven disk assembly

Then look at the separation status:

When the gear is to be engaged or shifted, the clutch pedal is first stepped down, the clutch oil is passed through the clutch master cylinder and the clutch cylinder to push the fork to the left, and the fork is moved to the right by the lever principle.

Through the above explanation, it may not be clear that how the flywheel, the clutch disc, the pressure plate and the release bearing are assembled or how they moved.

See image below:

The separation bearing and the diaphragm spring are interlocked. When the booster pushes the separation fork to the left (the direction indicated by the arrow in the lower right corner), the lever moves the separation bearing to the right by the lever action.

And the separation bearing drives the pressure plate diaphragm spring to turn counterclockwise with the support ring as the center, to move the pressure plate to the right, thereby separating the pressure plate, the clutch plate and the flywheel.

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