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Diagnosis And Maintenance Of Common Faults Of Clutch

The function of the clutch system is to ensure the smooth and reliable connection between the engine and the transmission system, and can be temporarily and completely separated. Engagement refers to the generation of friction torque, and separation refers to the release of friction torque. The clutch works frequently. When the vehicle is driving, due to the action of sliding friction, each component is easy to wear, deform or crack, and the friction torque decreases accordingly, resulting in the failure of the clutch system. In order to prolong the service life of the clutch as much as possible, how to correctly and effectively maintain the clutch system is very important of clutch.

During the use of the clutch, the frequent faults mainly include heavy clutch pedal, slipping, incomplete separation (it is difficult to shift), shaking, rushing, abnormal noise, etc.of clutch 

Fault Phenomenon Of Heavy Clutch Pedal

Cause, inspection method and maintenance fault phenomenon: the pedal clutch pedal is heavy and the foot is easy to fatigue, which is significantly different from that of other vehicles.

Cause Of Failure:

Separation of master cylinder assembly: improper adjustment, too high pedal and no empty stroke

Driven plate (friction plate) assembly: the wear of friction plate is large (worn to the rivet of friction plate)

The clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, release fork, release bearing, etc. are jammed and do not move flexibly.


The flywheel working surface and pressure plate working surface are greatly worn (more than 0.5mm).

Excessive wear of release bearing (finger end arc has been ground flat) and excessive wear of release bearing (concave arc has been ground on thrust plane).

Maintenance Method:

Step 1: check whether the clutch pedal is too high and the idle stroke is appropriate, and adjust it to the normal state. If the fault phenomenon is not eliminated, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: check whether the clutch pedal, master cylinder, slave cylinder, release fork, release bearing, etc. are jammed and inflexible, and whether the clutch pedal returns normally If it still cannot be solved after troubleshooting, proceed to the next step.

Step 3: check whether the clutch disc assembly, cover assembly and flywheel are excessively worn, and whether the pressure plate release finger and release bearing thrust plane are excessively worn The wear of friction plate of disc assembly shall not leak rivets; Measure with a vernier caliper, and the wear of the working end face of the pressure plate of the cover assembly shall not be greater than 0.3mm; The installation depth of flywheel shall be measured with a depth gauge, and the wear depth shall not be greater than 0.5mm above; The circular arc surface of the separation finger end of the pressure plate shall not be polished; The thrust plane of release bearing shall not be worn with concave arc; Those that do not conform to the size shall be replaced. However, in the process of repair, it should be noted that when a part does not meet the requirements, it should be replaced separately, not in a general set.

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