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Your car engine is the heart of the car. And for many car lovers, it is the part that they love bragging so much about. When you meet them talking, you will often hear then speak how they upgraded their inline-four engine to a straight-six. But before you get pulled into their talks and make changes that you may regret in the future, you should clearly understand the repercussions of changing to a new engine and what the new engine means to your driving lifestyle. So how do you choose the right engine parts?

Here is a quick guide to help you understand the different engines available, their various roles, and what to consider when choosing one for your vehicle.

Engine Types You Can Readily Find

Some common engine types in the market include:

Four Cylinder Inline-Four Engine

If you have a four-wheel-drive vehicle, this is the engine for you. It has a compact and straightforward design that consists of 1 valve train, 1 cylinder bank, and 1 cylinder head, meaning it can fit in several engine bays . It is also light and consists of one exhaust manifold helping to reduce the weight.

The 4-Cylinder Inline engine has fewer moving parts since it only has one cylinder head. Therefore, it has fewer chances of a malfunction since it emits less energy. Additionally, the engine is of low manufacturing cost. Although its primary forces are well balanced due to the outside pistons moving oppositely, its secondary forces are not balanced. As a result, the size of the engine is limited.

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Horizontally-Opposed Engine

It is the type of engine you need if you want your car to be speedy. Both the primary and secondary forces of the engine are well balanced, making it a smooth engine. It also has a low center of gravity, thereby allowing for better handling. There is less power lost to rotational inertia since the engine places less weight on the crankshaft. On the downside, maintaining the engine can be a problem, especially if the design is compact and sophisticated.

Straight Six Engine (Inline 6)

A straight-six engine is very similar to an inline-four only with two extra cylinders. You can readily find it in a BMW and other high-end vehicles. The engine is well balanced and is said to be one of the smoothest in the market. It has a simple design and does not cost much in manufacturing. The downside is that they can sometimes be enormous, making it challenging to package. Additionally, they have a higher center of gravity when you compare them to flat engines.

V6 Engine

If you are looking for both power and torque, you can find it in a V6 engine. It is the engine you will find in midsize and luxury sedans, and some SUVs. The engine is a favorite since it can work on both FWD and RWD vehicles. It also has more power than the four-cylinder engines.

V Engine

The V8 is similar is to a V6 with two extra cylinders. It is the engine you will find in the American muscle cars and the European exotics. The engine has higher power than the V6. Its design is impeccable, and its balance is sturdy. When you consider its size, it is best for rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Final Thoughts- The Hybrid Powertrain

The Hybrid Powertrain is the type of engine you need if you want to conserve fuel and still care for the environment. It consists of an electric motor and a traditional internal combustion engine.

By following this guide, you can choose the best engine that will work best to meet your lifestyle and daily needs. A good example is if you have a family, you may want to use an inline-four engine with your sedan or have a V6 in your SUV. You should always remember that an engine is the heart of the car. Therefore you should not consider price over quality when making your choice.

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