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1.The amount of oil is insufficient or excessive

When changing the oil, the amount of oil must be appropriate. Too much oil will produce greater resistance for the engine, and insufficient oil will affect lubrication and heat dissipation.

Therefore, when changing the oil, we should strictly follow the scale of the oil dipstick, not too much or too little.

Many drivers will prepare a bucket of oil in the car, and add oil by themselves when the oil is low.

A few things to note in this case:

The spare oil should be the same brand and label as the oil added during maintenance to avoid mixing of different oils.

Measure the oil content at room temperature. After adding it, run it for a few minutes and measure again.

Determine whether the amount of oil is appropriate. When the oil consumption is serious, do not add oil to solve the problem by yourself.

You should go to the maintenance station to check the reasons for the oil consumption to avoid excessive engine wear.

2.Oil pump failure

Under normal circumstances, when the vehicle has an engine high temperature alarm, the heat dissipation system will be checked first.

You should also check whether the oil pump is normal. If the oil circulation is not good, the engine will easily “faint” at high temperature.

If there is a problem with the oil pump, you should immediately seek professional maintenance personnel to repair it.

In addition to the oil itself, the oil pump is also a cause of abnormal oil pressure.

3.The cooling water temperature is too high

If the temperature of the water cooling system in the engine is too high, the engine parts cannot be cooled in time and the heat will be taken away.

Then the heated parts will indirectly lead to the increase of the oil temperature, so check the important parts such as the water pump and the oil cooler in the engine cooling system to ensure that the engine’s own cooling system is working properly.

4.The oil cooler is blocked

If the oil cooler is blocked, it will also directly affect the normal heat dissipation of the oil and cause other problems such as insufficient oil pressure.

In daily maintenance, the oil cooler should also be checked regularly. If any problems are found, it should be cleaned or replaced in time.

5.The machine filter is blocked

When the engine oil is changed for maintenance at the service station, the engine filter is replaced at the same time.

But when the driver changes the engine oil independently, the filter element is often ignored.

If it is not replaced for a long time, it will directly cause the engine filter to be blocked and lose the function of intercepting impurities in the engine oil.

At this time, the engine oil flows directly back to the engine from the bypass valve, resulting in increased internal wear.

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