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Causes of abnormal brake noise and jitter

I believe many car owners have encountered the abnormal noise and jitter of the brake. The noise has been constant or seems to have Parkinson’s disease.

In fact, it’s not a problem, but it’s really annoying. Many old drivers with rich car knowledge will suggest to repair the brake disc, so let’s talk about how to repair the brake disc.

The repair of the brake disc mentioned in this paper is aimed at the abnormal sound and shaking caused by the groove of the brake disc. Generally, if the brake disc is rusty, you only need to step on the brake several times to wear it off.

For those with large rust area, measures such as brake disc rust remover can also be used. If abnormal noise and shaking still exist, the brake disc repair process can also be used.

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In the repair process, the traditional grinding generally needs to send the brake disc to the machinery factory with lathe equipment, but what I experience today is a brake disc repair machine specially for brake disc repair. The repair process and effect are basically the same. It is polished and polished by lathe.

The reason is that during the repair process, the brake disc is not perpendicular to the shaft, resulting in uneven thickness of the brake disc after grinding.

However, for a standard brake disc repair process, this problem will not occur. It’s nothing new to summarize the repair of the brake disc.

Many repair shops will take this job, but often they take it to the lathe processing plant for rough polishing and grinding. The accuracy is likely to be difficult to control.

There will be a lot of grinding, or although the surface is smooth, the thickness of each angle is different, so you should polish your eyes when choosing a business, Finding a serious and responsible technician is the most important.

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