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Careless Maintenance May Cost You Dearly

In the frequent maintenance work, there are often huge potential safety hazards. Today, Master Zhang of mixer truck briefly listed some places that need special attention in truck maintenance.

Careless Maintenance May Cost You Dearly

High Pressure Is Very Dangerous, And The Common Rail Oil Pipe Cannot Be Removed Of Careless Maintenance

With the increasing popularity of electronic control engine, it is extremely important to maintain the electronic control engine correctly. However, when the engine is working, do not disassemble all oil pipe joints on the high-pressure side, such as high-pressure oil pipe, common rail oil pipe, etc.

The pressure of common rail oil pipe is very high. Be sure to stop the engine and remove it after pressure relief. At present, when the high-pressure common rail diesel engine is working, its fuel pressure can be as high as more than 2000 bar, which is equivalent to the pressure generated by a luxury car pressing on a large area of fingernail. Under such high pressure, once the common rail oil pipe joint is removed, the fuel injected at high speed is bound to produce high-pressure liquid cutting effect, which is sharper than a knife. Once it is injected into the human body or eyes, the consequences are unimaginable of careless maintenance.

Correct method: after the engine is shut down, wait for a period of time, and then disassemble and repair after the pressure is completely relieved.

Tire Bulge Is A Potential Killer

Tire bulge is very dangerous, especially the front wheel. In case of tire explosion due to tire bulge during driving, it will cause accidents, which is even more dangerous on the highway. Therefore, once the drum is found during the inspection, it should be replaced in time of careless maintenance.

At the same time, when many truck drivers check the tire pressure during driving, they often get out of the car and judge whether the tire pressure is normal by beating the tire with a crowbar. At this time, due to the high wheel temperature and high tire pressure, there will be a high risk of tire burst when the crowbar strikes the tire, and the tire pressure of the truck is generally high. Once the tire burst, the impact will be great, If the tire is bulging, once it is impacted, it is more likely to cause a tire burst, and the resulting injuries are also common of careless maintenance.

Correct method: once the tire is found to be bulging, please replace it immediately. Check the tire pressure and use a special barometer of careless maintenance.

To Prevent Scalding, Carefully Open The Radiator Cap Of The Water Tank

As the vehicle has just stopped or opened the radiator cap of the water tank directly, there are many scalding accidents. In case of high temperature or boiling during driving, don’t turn off the engine immediately. You should find a safe place to stop and let the engine idle to continue heat dissipation. Don’t try to open the water tank cover, otherwise there may be scalding caused by the ejection of hot liquid of careless maintenance.

You can wrap the water tank cover with a wet towel, slowly turn on the first switch (about 1 / 4 turn), and then fully open the water tank cover after the steam pressure is released.

Correct method: after the engine cools down, relieve the pressure first, then open the water tank cover, and take protective measures with wet towels.

When Inspecting Rotating Parts, Be Careful That Gloves, Etc. Are Involved

In the process of vehicle maintenance, it is very necessary to wear a pair of gloves. Especially in winter, the skin is easy to be scratched and broken due to lack of water. Wearing gloves can keep out the cold and protect the skin. However, during the maintenance of the vehicle, when the hand needs to be close to the high-speed rotating mechanism, be sure to remove the gloves, because these high-speed rotating mechanisms of careless maintenance.

For example, the cooling fan and belt often have burrs, which are easy to wrap around the gloves, and then the hands are rolled inside to cause injury. Then, during the maintenance, their cuffs and corners should also be tightened as much as possible to avoid unnecessary injury. Many card friends were injured.

Correct method: try not to wear gloves when contacting rotating parts, and tie your cuffs and corners at the same time.

Twist The Screw And Tighten The Rope. Barbaric Operation Is Prohibited

When installing tires or tying goods tightly, many people will worry about whether the installation is firm, and then reinforce them by stepping on crowbars. However, it is easy to slip, but crowbars and other tools rebound and hurt people, let alone kick them with force. In this way, the probability of rebound will be greater.

Correct method: try to operate safely with the help of special tools. Don’t step on the tools with your feet.

Prevent Accidental Use Of Auxiliary Start Switch With Caution

In the process of vehicle maintenance, the auxiliary start switch is often short circuited. However, if the vehicle is not in neutral and the operation of short circuiting the auxiliary start switch is rashly carried out, the vehicle will move with gears, which has great hidden dangers. There have been many cases of being crushed by vehicles in the past. At the same time, it should be pointed out that some vehicle engine ECUs need to receive the neutral switch signal, and some vehicle models have the phenomenon of short circuit of neutral switch, which greatly increases the risk probability.

Correct method: confirm the gear and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures of careless maintenance.

Sometimes The Air Brake Is Not Very Reliable

Many card users may think that they have nothing to worry about when they pull up the air brake directly after parking the car. However, sometimes the air brake that we have always trusted is unreliable. The car parking brake is suddenly released, and car sliding also happens from time to time. It is suggested that when parking, we should try to stop on a flat road without slope. If the road has slope, Be sure to plug bricks or triangle wood under the wheels to avoid unnecessary losses caused by sudden sliding.


Correct method: put bricks or triangle wood under the wheels to avoid unnecessary losses caused by sudden sliding.

The Cab Must Be Lifted In Place

At the same time, in the process of vehicle engine maintenance, it is often necessary to turn the cab up, but remember to lift the cab to the end. Otherwise, the locking device cannot start, and the cab is likely to fall due to other external forces, which will cause great harm to the maintenance personnel of careless maintenance.

Correct method: check and confirm that the cab is lifted in place

There are many potential safety hazards in the process of vehicle repair and maintenance. The above is just a part of the list. Many of them occur in the process of vehicle repair and maintenance. Therefore, please improve your safety awareness and avoid injury of careless maintenance.

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