Can you tell the trouble from the color of exhaust gas?
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Can you tell the trouble from the color of exhaust gas?

Novice owners in the exhaust pipe smoke, clearly know that the car is out of order, but still busy at home, at a loss. In fact, in such a situation, as long as you can judge the car fault from the smoke color, then you don’t have to panic any more.

1、 Blue smoke

Performance: the explosive power of the vehicle is reduced, the acceleration is weak, the noise is increased, the exhaust pipe has blue smoke emission, the burning smell of engine oil, and the consumption of engine oil is increased.

Cause: the blue smoke is mostly caused by the internal fault of the engine, which leads to the oil channeling into the combustion chamber for combustion.

Solution: often check the cylinder block, piston and other parts of the sealing; Add the right amount of engine oil, check the use of engine oil regularly, if the oil consumption is abnormal, go to the repair shop in time.

2、 Black smoke

Performance: the car’s engine shakes greatly, the exhaust pipe makes abnormal sound, and at the same time exhausts black smoke, which makes it feel weak when accelerating.

Reason: this situation mostly occurs in the carburetor car, too much fuel into the cylinder, and then less than burning out of the car, causing the car to emit black smoke.

Solution: check the aging degree of carburetor and other parts frequently, maintain and adjust them frequently; The cylinder line of EFI truck should be checked every 30000 km, and the spark plug should be checked every 10000 km. If there is a problem, it should be replaced in time.

3、 White smoke

Performance: the engine is not running smoothly, the engine preheating reaches the normal working water temperature, there is still a lot of water vapor out, a lot of white water vapor out.

Cause: the cylinder pad of the engine cylinder is worn, resulting in a certain gap, resulting in a large amount of water from the cooling system entering the combustion chamber. Water can not be burned, heated to generate steam, directly discharged from the exhaust pipe.

Solution: check whether the engine block and cylinder gasket are damaged, and check whether there is water in the oil tank; Check the car manual and add gasoline with correct label in strict accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations.

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