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What If Jiefang J6 Suddenly Can'T Catch Fire
What If Jiefang J6 Suddenly Can’T Catch Fire?
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Turner Online No Urea Burning Tennac

There are thousands of roads, safety is the first. If the tail gas does not meet the standard, the driver will cry. With the continuous development of society, everyone’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually strengthened. With the frequent introduction of environmental protection policies and the national focus on environmental protection, diesel vehicles, as a major polluter, are the focus of motor vehicle emission control. If there are problems, they must be repaired in time.

Turner Online No Urea Burning Tennac

Model: Jiefang “small J6”

Emission: Guosi

Post treatment: tennac 1.5 generation

Fault phenomenon: the emission is not up to standard

The owner reported that the car had not added urea for nearly a year, and the exhaust gas did not meet the standard during the annual inspection. He requested that the urea system be repaired.

The car is equipped with “tennac” generation 1.5 urea system. The nozzle uses urea solution for heat dissipation, and the pump motor is a vulnerable part. When the motor is damaged, the urea pressure cannot be established, and the nozzle is damaged synchronously due to no urea heat dissipation.

Through C80 detection, the functional fault code of urea pressure sensor can be read.

Start the engine and read the urea pressure data, which is always displayed as 0, and the urea pump cannot build pressure. Remove the B80 test on the connection between the urea pump and the nozzle, the motor does not run, and the pump motor needs to be replaced.

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Replace with a new motor and test again. The pressure was successfully built up to 5.5bar. The spray test was carried out. The nozzle did not act and was damaged. Replace the nozzle with a new one and test that the injection is normal.

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Ensure that the urea system is clean, clean the urea tank and urea pipeline, reinstall the system, start the vehicle, the urea pressure always displays 0, no pressure is built, detect the circuit, measure a group of power supply on the pump, and find out that the circuit is open circuit of the power line. After repair, check the urea pressure again. It is 2bar (standard nozzle heat dissipation pressure) at idle speed. Press the accelerator to the bottom to increase the exhaust temperature. When the exhaust temperature reaches 230 ℃, the urea pressure reaches 5.5bar (standard injection pressure).

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Read that the system has no fault code and all data are normal. Let the customer pick up the car for use. Two days later, the customer came back and said that after driving more than 200 kilometers, the instrument showed that the urea level did not decrease, and there was no consumption of urea of burning tennac

The read historical fault code is urea nozzle line fault, and there is no current fault code. It is difficult to reproduce after deleting the fault code. It is suspected that the nozzle line is faulty. For the nozzle line, “flying wire”, replace the nozzle plug, and clean the “three-way catalyst” (try to meet the exhaust standard). The customer paid a return visit after one week of use. The urea consumption was normal and the vehicle returned to normal of burning tennac

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Summary Of Burning Tennac:

  • 1. When the Tenneco urea system is idling, the pump will run to establish a 2 bar urea pressure. The purpose is to heat the urea nozzle and protect the nozzle from being damaged by the high temperature of exhaust.
  • 2. When the exhaust temperature reaches about 230 ℃ during engine operation, the urea pressure rises to 5.5bar and is ready for injection of burning tennac.
  • 3. When the exhaust temperature reaches more than 300 ℃, inject urea with the engine load (the speed is 1500 ~ 2000rpm / min). During detection, the sliding resistance can be used to simulate and synchronously observe the exhaust temperature data, which is between 300 ~ 400 ℃.
  • 4. When the liquid level is less than 20%, the urea lamp is on. It is required to add urea. When the liquid level is less than 10%, urea will not be injected. The urea solution will only circulate to ensure the heat dissipation of the nozzle of burning tennac.
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