Brief Introduction Of The Truck- total mass is less than 1.8
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Brief Introduction Of The Truck

Brief Introduction Of The Truck
Sinotruk HOWO 6X4 Tractor Truck
  1. With the gradual expansion of our business, our customers gradually cover the whole world. Followed by some customers’ questions about various trucks, the following are some brief introductions we have prepared, hoping to help you who are buying trucks.
  2. Truck, refer to cars mainly used to transport goods, and sometimes refer to cars that can tow other vehicles, belonging to the category of commercial vehicles. Generally, it can be divided into heavy and light according to the weight of the vehicle, including dump trucks, tractors, off-road trucks in off-highway and no-road areas. 
  3. And various trucks specially made for special needs (such as airport shuttles, fire trucks and ambulance, tanker, container tractor, etc.). Most trucks are powered by diesel engines, but some light trucks use gasoline, LPG or natural gas.

Trucks are divided into mini trucks, light trucks, medium trucks, heavy trucks and super heavy trucks according to their tonnage.

  • Micro truck: the total mass is less than 1.8 tons.
  • Light Truck: The total mass is 1.8-6 tons.
  • Medium truck: The total mass is 6-14 tons.
  • Heavy Truck: The total mass is 14-100 tons.
  • Super heavy truck: the total mass is more than 100 tons.
  • Models: flat car, dump truck, tractor, box truck, semi-trailer, etc.
  • Drive form: 4*2, 4*4, 6*2, 6*4, 6*6, 8*4, 8*6, etc.
  1. Among the heavy trucks, tractors and dump trucks will be the main models, and the market share of trucks and vans will gradually shrink. The product structure of major heavy-duty truck companies is dominated by tractors and dump trucks; the rapid development of highways also provides space for tractors to play their role in transportation and efficiency advantages; at the same time, due to the consideration of transportation benefits, user needs will also Gradually switch to tractors and dump trucks.
  2. Low-tonnage medium-duty trucks will dominate the medium-duty truck market.

Low-tonnage medium-duty trucks can be matched with four-cylinder diesel engines, and the price advantage is obvious, and the price-performance ratio is obviously better than that of high-tonnage medium-duty the truck. Its flexibility, convenience, and economical cargo capacity and cargo space are very suitable for urban logistics. From the perspective of future development, low-tonnage medium-duty trucks will also obtain permits for urban operation at the right time, while high-tonnage medium-duty trucks are expected to be excluded.

  1. High tonnage medium trucks and low tonnage heavy trucks will be in an awkward position.

This trend has started to show, mainly due to the inefficiency of trucking in these categories. The future outlet for these models will turn to the special-purpose vehicle sector, but there will be major changes in configuration, such as the power level of the engine will be increased, and the axles and gearbox will also be changed and adjusted accordingly.

  1. The main matching power of medium and heavy trucks develops towards both ends.

Diesel engines above 11 liters will be the products of multinational brands in joint ventures and cooperation, and one of the main driving forces for heavy-duty trucks. Its market size depends on the market demand of high-end trucks, as well as its own cost level. The domestic 8-9 liter 6-cylinder diesel has the opportunity to achieve simultaneous growth with high-tonnage heavy-duty trucks, but the production capacity of each product is the biggest obstacle to its market development. Four-cylinder diesel engines below 200 horsepower, which are mainly matched with low-tonnage heavy-duty trucks, will also be rapidly developed. At the same time, the market for the 7-liter 6-cylinder diesel engine will gradually shrink, and its market dominance will cease to exist.

  1. The dead weight of heavy trucks will increase.

With the diversification of user needs, heavy truck products will develop in a multi-grade direction, which directly leads to an increase in the type and quantity of vehicle parts, and the self-weight of the vehicle will increase accordingly; Damage to the road, improving the technical content of heavy-duty trucks, etc.) will formulate heavy-duty truck standards, increase the number of axles of the vehicle, and apply new technologies or components, which also increases the weight of the vehicle. 

operating principle

The truck consists of four parts: engine, chassis, body and electrical system. The operation of the truck is mainly driven by the engine and the chassis, where the chassis includes the drive train, the driving train, the steering train and the brake train.

Operating principle of the truck: When we start the car, the engine will generate power and transmit the power to the gearbox. The power passes through the gears in the gearbox to convert the high-speed and small-torque power into low-speed and high-torque power, and then transmit the power to the transmission through the transmission shaft. The rear axle is driven, and the driven rear axle drives the driven rear wheels to rotate, so a car moves.

The functions and main components of each part:

  1. Engine: The power source of the car, the function is to make the fuel burn to generate power, and then drive the car through the drive train to drive the wheels.
  2. Chassis: It is introduced in terms of transmission system, driving system, steering system and braking system.

Transmission: The power of the engine is transmitted to the driving wheels, mainly including the clutch, gearbox, transmission shaft, and drive axle.

Driving system: connect the various assemblies and components of the car into a whole and support the whole car to ensure the normal driving of the car. Mainly including frame, front axle, wheels, suspension.

Steering system: To ensure that the car can drive in the direction selected by the driver during the driving process, mainly including steering control mechanism, steering gear, and steering transmission device.

Braking system: to decelerate, stop and ensure reliable parking of the car. It mainly includes brake control mechanism, brake and transmission device.

  1. Body: The place where the driver works and loads the goods. Includes cab and carriage.
  2. Electrical equipment: The electrical system that assists the driver to drive the car, including battery, starting system, lighting equipment, instrumentation, etc.
  1. First insurance is very important

New car maintenance needs to be done. Most car owners will go to the special service station for maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s regulations when the first warranty period is reached, because most car manufacturers have implemented the first warranty free oil change discount for new cars. For example, Shanghai GM will provide 4 free oil and oil filter replacement services during the quality guarantee period. But there are also a small number of car owners who neither consult the staff nor read the “Maintenance Manual”, so there are also examples of missing the first insurance. Since it is a new car, if the owner misses the first insurance, it will only cause the oil to turn black and dirty, which will not cause any serious consequences. However, experts suggest that car owners should do the first insurance, because the truck is in a running-in state and the mechanical parts are running in, and the demand for lubricating oil will be relatively high. This is the meaning of first insurance.

  1. Second guarantee is also important

4-60,000 kilometers to replace the brake pads is relatively speaking, the second guarantee is very important. The project involves the inspection and maintenance of up to 63 items in eight major parts, including engine, automatic transmission, air-conditioning system, steering system, braking system, suspension system, body part, and tires. In addition, it also includes quality inspection and test drive. It can be seen that after the car has undergone so many tests and maintenance, the entire car condition will obviously enter the best state, and the safety of driving can be best guaranteed.

  1. Key items of maintenance

(1) Brake pads

Generally speaking, the brake pads should be replaced when the vehicle travels to 40,000-60,000 kilometers. For owners with poor driving habits, the replacement trip will be shortened accordingly. If the car owner sees the red light ahead, instead of collecting fuel, refueling, and then adopting the method of dragging the brakes and waiting for the green light to release, it belongs to such a habit. In addition, if the main car is not maintained, it is impossible to detect in time that the brake pads are thin or completely worn. If the worn brake pads are not replaced in time, the braking force of the vehicle will gradually decrease, threatening the safety of the car owner, and the brake disc will also be worn out, and the maintenance cost of the car owner will increase accordingly. Taking Buick as an example, if the brake pads are replaced, the cost is only 563 yuan, but if even the brake disc is damaged, the overall cost will reach 1081 yuan.

(2) Tire rotation

Note that one of the tire maintenance items of the tire wear symbol is tire rotation. When using a spare tire in an emergency, the owner should replace it with a standard tire as soon as possible. Because of this particularity of the spare tire, Buick does not use the method of cyclic transposition between the spare tire and the tire of other models, but the four tires are transposed diagonally. The purpose is to make the tire wear more even and prolong its service life. In addition, tire maintenance items also include adjusting the air pressure. For tire pressure, car owners can not take it lightly. If the tire pressure is too high, it is easy to wear the middle of the tread. It is worth reminding that it is difficult for car owners to accurately measure the tire pressure without relying on the air pressure gauge. The daily use of tires also requires some details. For example, pay attention to the distance between the tread pattern and the wear mark. Generally speaking, if the distance is within 2-3mm, a new tire should be replaced. Another example, if the tire is punctured, if it is on the sidewall, the owner must not listen to the advice of the quick repair shop to repair the tire, but should change the tire immediately, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. Because the sidewall is very thin, it will not be able to withstand the weight of the car after repairing, and it is prone to blowout.

Focus on prevention, combine prevention and control, and achieve standardized maintenance in accordance with the maintenance manual. That way the truck won't have a big problem.

  • HOWO heavy truck—-applying the world’s key advanced technology of the truck, facing the Chinese market and international regional market, self-developed and in line with the international technical level, with its own brand and independent intellectual property rights, the most advanced and high-end new generation of the truck in China .
  • The HOWO heavy truck adopts key advanced assemblies and makes reasonable technical connections. The layout of the whole vehicle is reasonable, and the major assemblies are coordinated, unified and reliable, so that it has a good performance in the aspects of vehicle power, economy, reliability, and environmental friendliness.
  • The appearance of HOWO heavy-duty truck is luxurious and grand, with fortitude and smoothness coexisting, majestic and graceful, showing its unique leadership temperament, especially aiming at the world-class heavy-duty truck level in terms of humanized design such as comfort, safety and convenience.
  • The launch of HOWO heavy truck fully reflects the company’s business philosophy of unremitting pursuit of maximizing customer value. It enables the company’s customers to truly appreciate the car’s super working ability, pleasant interior and exterior decoration, good safety, comfort, ease of operation, low fuel consumption and good maintenance, so that users have a “material” Great value for money, right size” pride.
  • The HOWO heavy truck series has a complete range of the truck and a complete model spectrum. According to different emission configurations, it is divided into Euro II version and Euro III version.
  • Product categories include: tractors, trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks, etc. and other special vehicles modified with their chassis.
  • Drive types include: 4*2, 6*2, 6*4, 8*4, 10*4, etc.
  • Power coverage: 266PS-410PS.
  • Please feel free to call us if you are interested in our vehicles or accessories.
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