What Is The High Temperature Of The Braking System Of The Vehicle With Frequent Braking
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What Is The High Temperature Of The Braking System Of The Vehicle With Frequent Braking

At about 4 a.m. on October 15, 2015, a large truck with Shandong license plate loaded oranges from Chengdu and transported to Beijing by West Han expressway. From Qinling service area to k1136 + 500m where spontaneous combustion occurred, it passed through a continuous downhill section of 28 kilometers. According to the traffic police department, the main cause of the accident was that the driver frequently stepped on the brake on the long downhill section, resulting in overheating of the wheel hub.

The causes of truck spontaneous combustion are mainly divided into oil circuit, circuit, transportation goods and brake overheating. Our website also has a detailed article interpretation on the corresponding causes of fire. You can check it later in the relevant reading at the end of the article. Here we mainly talk about the mistakes made by the driver in this accident and the causes of wheel hub overheating.

Frequently Use The Brake To Cool Down Without Pouring Water

According to the traffic police, the main reason for the accident was that the driver frequently used the brake, resulting in the soaring temperature of the wheel hub, and finally spontaneous combustion.

  • Therefore, when you are driving on a ramp, you must reasonably control the speed, select the same gear as the climbing gear to go downhill or a lower gear, and try to use auxiliary braking to minimize the frequency of braking.
  • In this accident, forgetting to open or running out of water in the water tank and the driver didn’t find it were also the main factors of the accident. The use time of drenching varies according to the size of the water tank and the number of nozzles. When driving the vehicle, each driver friend must master the use time of drenching his own vehicle and reasonably supplement the brake drenching in time.

Xiaobian reminds all drivers that when driving on the highway, plan your own use time of sprinkling water, and try to choose a safe area in the parking area and service area to add water. Don’t stop and add water at will in the emergency lane. There are not only great potential safety hazards, but also 6 points will be deducted and a penalty of 200 yuan will be imposed.

Don'T Adjust The Brake Too Tightly. It'S Just Right of Braking System

For vehicles without automatic adjustment arm, when adjusting the brake, don’t blindly pursue the quality of the brake and adjust the brake too tightly. For friends who are not familiar with adjusting brakes, it is best to find a repairman. When a vehicle with adjusted brakes is driving on the road, be sure to check the temperature of the wheel hub at any time. Once any abnormality is found, it shall be handled in time.

Touching your hands is not only dirty, but also may burn your hands. Here is a small tool with the car. No friends have good temperature measurement results.

Lack Of Maintenance And Poor Brake Return

There are generally three reasons for poor brake return:

  1. Failure to keep up with normal maintenance leads to poor lubrication between various components, affecting flexibility and poor return, which is mainly reflected in the brake camshaft.
  2. The return spring of the brake cylinder is broken or of poor quality. The strength of the return spring is not enough, which will cause the brake to return too slowly or not, which is also one of the hidden dangers of brake overheating.
  3. If there are no problems with the above two items, but the brake is still overheated, it is likely that the brake pad is too thin, resulting in the brake camshaft stroke is too long, the brake shoe cannot return, or the brake return spring breaks and falls off, and the lower half of the brake shoe contacts the brake drum to heat up.

  4. The use of fake brake pads and brake drums will also cause brake failure, which is one of the culprits causing vehicle brake failure or brake overheating. Xiaobian suggests that you choose genuine brake accessories.

  • In addition, the hub is out of round, the clearance of the bearing is too large or too small, the outer edge of the bearing, the deformation of the half shaft guide pipe, the addition of more half shaft oil seal, the relay valve is stuck, the master cylinder is stuck, the hub grease is too much or the quality is not good, all of which will lead to the excessive hub temperature.

Event Review

At about 4:00, the truck transporting oranges spontaneous combustion occurred in the downhill section from Qinling service area of West Han Expressway to k1136 + 500.

  • At about 4:23, the police and fire departments arrived at the scene to put out the fire. Because the burning point was mainly the frame containing oranges and the wood board in the middle of each floor, the ejected water could not directly reach the fire site, so they had to unload and put out the fire, which took a long time. Due to the large fire, the truck has been almost completely burned to the scrapped state, and all the oranges of the whole vehicle have been damaged. Fortunately, when the fire broke out, the driver fled the cab in time and did not cause personal injury.
  • The traffic police of Xihan Expressway suggested that for trucks passing through Xihan expressway section, it is best to turn on the water spraying device on the vehicle to cool the tires and brakes. The places where water can be added along the expressway are Qinling service area, Zhuque security inspection station, Shawo parking area and Zhifang parking area.

When driving downhill, don’t grade quickly in order to be in a hurry. No matter whether the vehicle has auxiliary braking or water spraying device, you should shift to low gear to control the vehicle speed within a reasonable range. During vehicle maintenance, you’d better observe and repair the key parts of the brake cylinder yourself to know well. Keep the habit of checking the hub temperature after parking, and repair it immediately if any abnormality is found.

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