Drive Carefully And Smoothly, Let The Brakes Fail, Stay Away
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Drive Carefully And Smoothly, Let The Brakes Fail, Stay Away From You

China is a country with many mountains. Due to geomorphic reasons, most of the roads in China have large ramps. Daily driving, braking is particularly critical of brakes fail.

Several Causes Of Brake Failure And Their Solutions

There are many reasons for brake failure. Xiaobian simply classifies it as follows.

Brake Failure Caused By Insufficient Maintenance At Ordinary Times Of Brakes Fail

Brakes Fail

There is a lack of maintenance for the brake system at ordinary times. When it is critical to need it, it is likely to strike, resulting in great disaster.

Solution: regularly check whether the brake assembly, cylinder, air reservoir and pipeline work well. In case of air leakage and poor working condition, it shall be repaired or replaced immediately. During normal driving, it shall always pay attention to the change of air pressure on the instrument.

Unreasonable Operation Methods Lead To Machine Failure

Due to the driver’s lack of driving experience, the wrong operation of the vehicle leads to machine failure.

Solution: when going down a long slope, shift to a low gear to reduce the speed, use the engine to restrain the speed, use the brake as little as possible to prevent the brake pad from overheating, and use the spot brake instead of the “one foot stuffy” method when stepping on the brake.

Serious Overload, Resulting In Brake Failure

Serious overload increases the total mass of the vehicle. Under the action of gravity acceleration, it increases the motion inertia of the vehicle, which directly leads to brake failure.

Solution: the overloaded vehicle increases the total mass of the vehicle, thus increasing the motion inertia of the vehicle. When driving the overloaded vehicle, you must be slow. You can’t ignore life safety in order to be in a hurry.

 reasonably select auxiliary braking to make driving safer

Exhaust braking has become the standard configuration of most cargo vehicles and should be used together during driving. In addition, we can also choose other auxiliary braking (such as engine braking, retarder, etc.) to make our driving safer.

 what should be done if the brake fails while the vehicle is running

What should we do if the brake fails while the vehicle is driving? Xiaobian here summarizes some experience for your reference

A Calm Mind

When we find that the vehicle has failed to brake, the normal physiological response will cause our “heart beat faster”, “brain blank”, “don’t know what to do” will only increase the severity of the accident. At this time, we must quickly calm ourselves down and find ways to reduce the loss. We must not be blindly nervous and ruin major events.

Quickly Grab Gear To Reduce Speed

Control the direction according to the road conditions and vehicle speed, grab the gear according to the road conditions and technical level, and use the engine resistance to reduce the vehicle speed.

Scratch And Collision. Forced Parking

In order to reduce accident losses, rigid parts such as vehicle bumpers and carriages are scraped and collided with roadside guardrails and natural obstacles (rocks, trees and soil slopes), so as to achieve the purpose of forced parking and escape, and reduce accident losses as much as possible.

Treatment Of Uphill Brake Failure

In case of brake failure on the uphill slope, reduce to the middle and low gear in time to maintain sufficient power to climb to the top of the slope and stop. If it is necessary to stop on a half slope, keep the forward low gear, and the accompanying personnel shall timely block the wheels with stones, skids and other objects. If the vehicle still slides backward, the rear of the vehicle shall face the hillside or safe side, and turn on the headlights and double flashing warning lights to attract the attention of the front and rear vehicles.

Treatment Of Downhill Brake Failure

In case of brake failure on the downhill and the vehicle’s own mechanism cannot be used to control the speed, the vehicle shall be stopped by making decisive use of obstacles and refuge lanes to cause resistance to the vehicle. After parking, put it into the reverse position, and the front of the car should face the safe side.

Habitually Check The Brakes

When driving at ordinary times, the vehicle should habitually step on the brake when going down long and steep slopes, which can not only test the performance of the brake, but also win the time to control the speed when it is found that the brake fails.

Without Taking Chances, Personal Safety Is The Most Important

When the vehicle is out of control and the accident is inevitable, personal safety should be put in the first place. Try to minimize the damage to other vehicles and yourself, and decisively choose to jump to ensure your life safety.


A large part of the reasons for brake failure are controllable. Avoid careless driving and fast driving during driving, be aware of it and keep an eye on it, so as to keep the danger away. Welcome to post discussion.

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