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Baic Foton'S New Car Is Difficult To Get Licensed Because It Has Been Repaired For 9 Times

As we all know, the braking system is the most important part of the car. It affects not only the driving performance of the car, but also directly related to the safety of human life and property.

The brake system is mainly composed of driving brake system and parking brake system (commonly known as “hand brake”), which are equally important for vehicle safety. For this point, you may wish to take a look at several cases reported by the media before.

According to Liaoning satellite TV, when the truck driver delivered the goods to the freight yard, he parked his car on the slope in front of the freight yard and slept for a long time because the other party had not yet gone to work. While he was sleeping, the car actually moved. It turned out that the handbrake failed. Finally, the car slid down the hillside and fell into a two meter deep ditch.

In addition, according to the “riders’ daily”, Mr. Che advocated driving and parked his car on the slope of the parking lot of a scenic spot. Mr. Zhang was knocked down by his car and lost consciousness as soon as he got out of the car for about 10 meters. Later, he learned that the “perpetrator” turned out to be the handbrake.

There are many similar cases, and the importance of handbrake is self-evident. Although Mr. Zhang in Huangyan District, Taizhou city has not had a traffic accident because of the handbrake failure, he is still angry when he mentions the handbrake.

On July 26, Mr. Zhang’s family, Ms. Zhang, complained on his behalf to the automobile complaint network (www.qctsw. Com), reflecting a bizarre incident related to the handbrake.

BAIC Futian truck had no handbrake and had to be repaired nine times before it passed the customs

Mr. Zhang planned to buy a pickup truck for transportation. After thousands of choices, he finally decided to buy a bj1030v4av3-a light truck produced by BAIC Futian in Taizhou Luqiao Tianying Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

Pick up the car on July 20. On July 21, Tianying auto trade staff drove to Huangyan Testing Center for testing and licensing, and Mr. Zhang went with them.

To his surprise, the car of BAIC Foton he purchased was tested four times on the same day: inspection line – maintenance in the maintenance station – re inspection – after re maintenance, it still failed to pass the inspection of hand brake, and the five words of unqualified brake were greatly printed in his mind.

The next day, Mr. Zhang and the employees of Tianying auto trade continued to go to the Huangyan Testing Center for testing. Mr. Wang thought that the car repaired in one night should successfully pass the testing this time. However, the fact made Mr. Wang collapse again. In the three tests and three repairs carried out on the same day, the unqualified reason was still the unqualified handbrake.

They failed seven tests in two days and drove back to the sales store for repair every time they failed. This should be regarded as a miracle of new car licensing, but such a shocking move has to continue.

Mr. Zhang was completely disappointed by the repeated maintenance failures two days ago. When the staff of Tianying auto trade asked him to go again the third day, he finally couldn’t stand the hard and soft bubbles of Tianying auto trade and had to go with him again. On the third day, after two maintenance, and under the “care” of the testing station, it finally passed the third test smoothly.

The new car has been tested 10 times and repaired 9 times, not to mention unprecedented, but at least it is rare for a car to “catch up with it”. For such a “weak” handbrake system, Mr. Zhang did not want to risk his life anyway, so he refused to pick up the car and asked Tianying auto trade to return the car.

In fact, it is not only the handbrake problem that prompted Mr. Zhang to return the car, but also problems such as poor sealing, abnormal noise everywhere, loose door and so on!

Investigation Of Automobile Complaint Network

After receiving Mr. Zhang’s complaint, the auto complaint network timely transferred the complaint to BAIC Foton for coordination and handling. On July 28, Mr. Zhang received a call from Tianying auto trade. The other party advised him to drive back, saying that the car had been repaired, there were no problems now, and it could be guaranteed that there would be no such faults in the future.

However, Mr. Zhang still refused to get the car. In his opinion, the car has left an indelible psychological shadow on him. He can’t imagine what kind of mood it would be to drive such a car every day in the future.

One party asked to return the car, but the other party resolutely refused to return it. At present, the two sides have reached an impasse. As for how Mr. Zhang’s car will be handled in the end, the car complaint network will continue to pay attention.

BAIC Futian aoling light truck was disassembled before it arrived

Mr. Zhang is worried about his BAIC Foton, and Mr. Feng in Harbin is also “sympathizing with each other” – as early as six days ago, Mr. Feng also reported the quality problems of BAIC Foton to the auto complaint network.

According to Mr. Feng, on July 5, he bought two Futian aoling trucks. One of them had just driven 2000 kilometers and unexpectedly stalled when the high-speed gear was pushed to neutral. Due to the flameout, the steering system and braking system also failed, almost causing an accident.

It took five or six days to repair at the 4S store. First, it was debugged. If it didn’t work, it was replaced with an oil pipe. It still didn’t work. It was replaced with an oil pump. It still didn’t work. Finally, the engine was even lifted out, saying that it was a valve failure and the valve had to be replaced.

After driving for more than ten days, Mr. Feng had to open the engine and change the valve. The more he wanted, the more angry he became. The other car also couldn’t save him. The car had just run more than 1000 kilometers and now it emits black smoke… (see the original complaint for details: the car was disassembled before the forced warranty of BAIC Futian aoling truck arrived)

Comments On Automobile Complaint Network

The new car only passed the inspection ten times, during which it was repaired nine times, which is really shocking, and what is more shocking is the “identity” of the national inspection free product of the car.

On a website, Mr. Zhang’s car is introduced as follows: the national inspection free product Futian bj1030v4av3-a truck is manufactured by BAIC Futian Automobile Co., Ltd.. Regardless of whether the car is a national inspection free product or not, it can’t help asking people to question its quality if it passed the licensing inspection ten times.

It is worth mentioning that if we think carefully, people should not only worry about the quality of Mr. Zhang’s car, but also worry about the service of the service station.

Just imagine that the handbrake is not as complex and precise as the engine and gearbox. It can be said that it belongs to a relatively simple component. If such a simple component has a problem, it needs to be repaired more than ten times. If the engine has a minor disease next time, wouldn’t it become a “difficult and miscellaneous disease”?

The new car handbrake has to be repaired ten times to pass the “care” to get the license plate. It is natural that such car quality leaves a psychological shadow on the car owner. As a “God”, the auto complaint network also hopes that BAIC Futian can solve the matter as soon as possible. You should know that if “Uncle Li” is angry, the consequences will be very serious, not to mention “God”, because thousands of “gods” are watching the manufacturer’s handling.

It is reported that the overall listing goal of BAIC group promoted by Xu Heyi is getting closer and closer. As the most important asset of BAIC group, BAIC Futian may not be included in BAIC holding, the overall listing platform of BAIC group. In this regard, some insiders believe that this may form a dual listing pattern of passenger cars and commercial vehicles, and become the best asset allocation among domestic automobile groups.

In fact, whether listing or integration, the most important thing is the interests of car owners. If there is a lack of sufficient high-quality service and the trust and support of car owners, it is difficult to play in the game of capital.

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