Axle Brake System 100% Ex-Factory Price Of Sinotruk Parts For Sale- high quality
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100% Ex-Factory Price Of Sinotruk Axle Brake System Parts For Sale

Axle Brake System 100% Ex-Factory Price Of Sinotruk Parts For Sale
No.Part No.Part NamePriceAccessory Title
1Q150B1018Screw$5.00 Phosphating Drywall Screws C1022 Black Phosphating Drywall Screws Drywall Nails Keel Screws
2WG9231340002Screw$0.50 inner hexagon plug Sino Howo A7 Truck Spare Parts inner hexagon plug WG9231340002
3WG9231340001Cover$0.10 Good price end cover WG9112340001 WG9231340001
4WG9012340011Bolt$0.45 WG9012340011 Cover pin
5199112340029Planetary carrier$20.00 2020 New Brand Truck Parts Hot Sale Planetary Carrier 199112340029 With Reasonable Price Used For Sinotruk-Axle Brake System
6Q2541025Screw$0.10 Sinotruk A7 Brake Drum Screw for rear axel HC16 OE Q2541025
7190003330148Ball$0.02 Shacman parts,190003330148 steel ball for Shacman F2000,F3000,X9,L3000-Axle Brake System
8WG9012340004Shaft$0.01 SINOTRUK HOWO TRUCK SPARE PARTS PLANETARY GEAR SHAFT WG9012340004-Axle Brake System
9WG99-934-013Roller bearing$0.06 High Precision Skateboard 8*22*7 mm Deep Groove Ball Bearing 608 For Roller Skates-Axle Brake System
10WG9012340075Washer$0.10 New genuine planetary gear gasket WG9012340075-Axle Brake System
11WG9012340077Washer$0.10 washer WG880410097 WG880440010 WG9012340077 best selling
12WG9012340122Planetary wheel$0.50 Sinotruk HOWO A7 Planetary Gear WG9012340122-Axle Brake System
13190003933351Spring washer$0.04 190003933351 Factory Wholesale Original SINOTRUK HOWO Truck Parts Engines Systems Circlip for Heavy Truck-Axle Brake System
14WG880 410097Washer$1.00 STR-70HR-10 hot water high-pressure washer made in japan high quality high pressure power washer-Axle Brake System
15WG9012340005Helical gear$0.20 engine parts WG9012340005 sun gear for HOWO tipper truck
16WG9012340076Washer$0.10 New genuine planetary gear gasket WG9012340075
17WG9003884160Nut$0.10 Factory Wholesale Heavy Duty Truck Parts High Quality Wheel Nut for Sinotruk Howo WG9003884160
18WG880420027Oil drip pan$0.10 Oil Retaining Disk Wheel Catcher Hub WG880420027 For HOWO
19Q151C1295TF2Screw$20.00 Factory Hot Sale Q151C1295TF2 Bolt Shacman Spare Parts For Sale
20190003901704Cylinder pin$0.10 190003901704 Sinotruk Spare Parts Truck HOWO parts STR Wheel side locating pin
Composition and Features of Howo Axle Brake System
  • The Howo Axle Brake System is an essential component of any heavy-duty truck’s braking system. It is designed to provide a safe and reliable mechanism to slow down or stop the vehicle when driving. The axle brake system works alongside the main brake system, which is controlled by the driver.
  • The Howo Axle Brake System consists of several components, including brake shoes, brake drums, and related components such as brake adjusters, springs, and retainers. As the name suggests, the brake shoes are responsible for pressing against the brake drum, which creates the friction needed to stop the vehicle. The brake drums are attached to the axles and rotate with the wheels.
  • One significant advantage of the Howo Axle Brake System is its durability and reliability. The components are made from high-quality materials that can withstand the heavy loads, high speeds, and harsh environmental conditions encountered in heavy-duty applications. The drum brake system is also less prone to overheating than disc brakes that are prone to warping and degradation with age.
  • The Howo Axle Brake System also features a self-adjusting mechanism. Built into the design are adjusters that automatically adjust the brake shoe’s position as they wear down to ensure optimal performance throughout the lifetime of the brake system. This feature reduces downtime during maintenance and eliminates the need for manual adjustments that can otherwise result in inefficient braking performance.
  • Another feature of the Howo Axle Brake System is its ease of installation and repair. The components are designed to fit precisely and include straightforward instructions for installation and repair. As such, installation and repair processes are quick and easy, reducing downtime and service costs.
  • The Howo Axle Brake System can be further enhanced with optional features such as a parking brake, which provides additional security when the truck is parked. The parking brake, when activated, locks the wheels in place, thereby preventing the vehicle from rolling away. The parking brake feature is essential when loading or unloading goods on steep inclines, for example.
  • Maintenance and inspections of the Howo Axle Brake System are critical to ensure ongoing optimal performance and prevent unexpected breakdowns. The drums and brake shoes must be inspected regularly for wear and tear. Any worn-out components must be replaced promptly, or else they can degrade and potentially damage other parts of the brake system, thereby compromising safety.
  • In conclusion, the Howo Axle Brake System is an essential component of any heavy-duty vehicle’s braking system. It is designed to provide reliable and safe stopping power while withstanding the harsh conditions of heavy-duty applications. Its durability, ease of installation and repair, and self-adjusting mechanism make it an excellent choice for any truck owner.
  • Maintaining the brake system’s components according to a recommended schedule ensures optimal performance and safety, preventing unexpected breakdowns and prolonged downtime. The Howo Axle Brake System is a standout component that provides truck owners peace of mind and confidence in their vehicles.
Good Feedback of Axle Brake System
  • Economy: The ultra-wide range of low fuel consumption and high torque of the engine, the high performance and high input torque of ZF transmission, the high transmission efficiency and low gear ratio of the drive axle, and the low wind resistance of the cab enable the truck to maintain the tolerance of low fuel consumption driving and achieve unparalleled driving comfort.
  • Reliability: The original MAN TG technology, the same product design, production and assembly process, as well as the application of the important supporting parts of the engine and the world’s top components of the chassis, jointly ensure the high reliability of the whole vehicle.
  • Safety: The truck has the active and passive safety of the world’s top heavy truck.
  • Comfort: high-performance shift operation and pneumatic steering wheel adjustment, large-span non-leaf spring, optimized full-floating cab suspension, air seat with lumbar cushion.
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