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Lao Niu Said That The Auxiliary Air Reservoir Of Car (34) Should Pay Attention To The Hidden Danger Of Air Leakage

In the truck air circuit system, the air leakage of the auxiliary air reservoir is often ignored, which often leads to the problem that the barometer displays normally, but the clutch booster pump can not work normally. The parking time is a little long, so it needs to be boosted frequently. This phenomenon is because the barometer or low air pressure alarm sensing plug are usually installed on the front brake and rear brake air cylinders respectively. If the auxiliary air cylinder leaks, it is difficult to find it from the instrument data.

Generally, vehicles equipped with air circuit four circuit protection valve are usually equipped with 3-4 air reservoirs for separate air supply, and the air supply sequence is also regular. Rear axle brake air reservoir – front axle and control air circuit air reservoir – auxiliary equipment air reservoir – parking brake air reservoir. This design ensures that the braking system gives priority to air storage. When the air pressure shown on the air pressure gauge exceeds 6bar, the clutch booster pump works normally, and finally the parking brake (air cut-off brake) is released.

What Components Are Connected To The Auxiliary Reservoir

The function of auxiliary air reservoir is to provide air source for auxiliary equipment requiring air. The normally connected components are as follows:

① Clutch booster pump

② Exhaust brake butterfly valve

③ Transmission shift cylinder and differential lock (heavy truck)

④ Air horn

What Faults Will Be Caused By Air Leakage From The Auxiliary Air Reservoir

① The most direct fault caused by insufficient air pressure in the auxiliary air reservoir is that the clutch booster pump cannot work normally and the clutch does not separate. After stopping for a long time, start the engine and consume a lot of fuel to supplement air pressure.

② The transmission shift cylinder cannot work normally, resulting in serious transmission failure.

③ The exhaust butterfly valve or air horn does not work.

What Are The Causes Of Air Leakage In The Auxiliary Air Reservoir

① Among the components prone to frequent air leakage, the air horn ranks first, with thin pipeline and large length span; In particular, the dump truck is prone to severe bumps and air leakage for a long time.

② For various air circuit solenoid valves, this kind of air leakage is often not serious and needs careful investigation.

Caution Is Required To Solve Air Leakage Modification

According to the folk experience of the use of dump truck, the air circuit of clutch booster pump and shift cylinder is connected to the rear brake air reservoir, which avoids the interference caused by air leakage of other auxiliary equipment pipelines, but there are potential safety hazards. Thoroughly investigate the causes of air leakage and replace qualified parts is the correct way to solve the air leakage. Refitting should be cautious, safe and reliable as the premise, and do not lose big for small.

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