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Brief Introduction Of The Truck
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Assisted Driving Or Autonomous Driving? Don’T Know Until Something Happens

Autonomous driving has been thrust into the limelight once again in recent times due to an accident involving an entrepreneur who was driving an electric car using assisted driving. It was a seemingly relatively ordinary traffic accident that instantly turned into an autonomous driving accident because the vehicle being driven was equipped with an advanced driver assistance system. So what exactly is the difference between autopilot and assisted driving, and how should it be used?
Assisted Driving Or Autonomous Driving Don'T Know Until Something Happens

Assisted driving is not the same as autonomous driving. Drivers still need to supervise their vehicles at all times.

  • First of all let’s be clear, assisted driving and autonomous driving are two different things, they are completely different things. Assisted driving is a reduction in the intensity of driving fatigue and is not a replacement for all the movements of the driver. Simply put, steering assistance can also be described as a configuration of assisted driving.
  • Autonomous driving, on the other hand, is fully expecting all of the driver’s movements, including steering, emergency situation handling and so on. An autonomous driver is theoretically capable of achieving complete freedom from driver intervention, even without the need for a cockpit. Autonomous driving is, in a sense, a computer with an autonomous mind operating the vehicle.
  • So in terms of technical grading, assisted driving and autonomous driving are two completely different concepts. No matter how advanced the assisted driving system is, it requires the driver to be involved, supervising the vehicle status at all times and not even allowing his hands to leave the steering wheel. As of now, there is no real sense of autonomous driving in China, except in the state of specific places and scenarios.

Some manufacturers exaggerate for the last and mislead users

  • During our visits, we found that many users are actually confused between assisted driving and autonomous driving, as some car companies are intentionally or unintentionally rubbish when doing publicity, telling users that the vehicle can achieve autonomous driving without the driver’s hands and feet interfering, or even leaving the seat. The reason for this is to attract users through this over-the-top technology, which often leads to some users relying excessively on the assisted driving system when driving, resulting in accidents.
  • A dealer introduced that some high-end models of some car companies can now be equipped with some advanced assisted driving systems as an option, and the manufacturers subconsciously instill in users that the vehicles can drive automatically when they promote them. Coupled with the fact that users are also confused between assisted driving and automatic driving, they mistakenly believe that assisted driving is automatic driving, which eventually leads to some accidents of improper use.
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