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Analysis Of Four Typical Cases Of Diesel Filter Maintenance

At present, it is not uncommon for high-pressure common rail electronically controlled diesel engine to cause engine failure due to the use of low-quality filter element, resulting in high maintenance cost. This often gives car owners and drivers a headache.


Case 1: High Maintenance Cost Caused By Poor Filter Element.

Faulty model: Volvo 460 excavator

Fault phenomenon: the common rail system pressure is difficult to establish, the engine fault light is on, the engine speed is limited, the power is limited, and black smoke is emitted.

Coincidentally, the forum card friend replied in the post “only love, this woman” (check the original floor): the injector of Volvo 460 excavator at home was damaged due to poor oil, which cost more than 20000 yuan after maintenance, and the injector was damaged again soon

Fault analysis and solution: after inspection, the fuel injector is damaged due to the long-term use of low-quality fuel filter. The unit price of the fuel injector is about 8500 yuan. You can calculate the maintenance cost. Later, after installing the genuine Parker filter, the fuel injector did not have any problems after one year of use.

It is not difficult to see how distressing the case is that the use of low-quality filter elements not only causes great damage to the vehicle, but also leads to high maintenance costs.

Case 2: Genuine And Inferior Filter Elements Are Mixed And Used, Resulting In Damage To The Fuel Injector.

Faulty model: Jiefang Aowei 6 × 4 tractor

Fault phenomenon: the engine emits black smoke and lacks power.

Fault analysis and solution: two fuel injectors are damaged due to unclean oil. The car was equipped with Parker 1000fh filter, but the primary filter and fine filter of the original car are not genuine and have been used for a long time. Replace all genuine Parker filter elements after. Please refer to the following articles for details.


Live post: help SongGe Aowei 6dl1 EFI typical fault maintenance record


This case is typical. For the mixed use of true and false filter elements, prolonging the replacement time seems to save some costs. But the lesson of this fluke is extremely profound.

With the promotion of the forum and the learning and discussion of card friends. Use genuine high-quality filter element to maintain the vehicle scientifically and reasonably. The economic benefits brought by this are becoming more and more obvious.

Case 3: The Genuine Filter Element Is Used And Maintained In Place, And The Fuel Injector Is No Longer In Trouble.

Case introduction: the car is equipped with Parker 1000fh oil-water separator, and the genuine flega filter element is selected for fine filtration and coarse rate. The fuel injector is not damaged. Another vehicle in the same fleet used to use inferior filter elements, resulting in fuel injector damage.

Replace the same genuine filter element, and the fuel injector is not damaged after the vehicle has been running for one year.

After the vehicle has been operated for 28000km, we conducted negative pressure test on the oil circuit system, and the filtering effect is still good. We took the replaced filter element back for disassembly and inspection. You can compare it.

Case 4: Add An Extra Layer Of Protection And Install Parker Filter Element On The New Car.

Case model: Shanxi xinti heavy truck t7H.

Case introduction: the car is a new model. The forum has posted a live broadcast. All the cars are equipped with genuine filter elements. However, kayou still chose to install Parker 1000fh filter.

Some people may have questions, how can a new car be equipped with another filter. Parker 1000fh filter mainly plays the role of oil-water separation. We all know that water does great harm to the fuel common rail system. After installation, it can fully filter the water in the fuel. Ensure that the engine common rail system can get clean diesel and reduce worries for vehicle use.


Through the above cases, it is not difficult for us to draw a conclusion that selecting high-quality fuel filter is very beneficial to the operation of engine common rail system. Moreover, you card friends have gradually deepened this, and the maintenance of the car is becoming more and more scientific and reasonable. Only scientific and reasonable maintenance of vehicles can develop good driving habits. In order to effectively reduce vehicle maintenance costs and achieve high operational efficiency. It is hoped that there are fewer and fewer high maintenance costs caused by a simple component of the filter.

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