Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanks
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Why Do Most Trucks Now Use Aluminum Alloy Fuel Tanks?

Iron tank, cheap and easy to rust

Iron tank

The iron tanks have been used on trucks for a very long time since the trucks were “born”. Its biggest advantage is that it is cheap. Secondly, the strength of the iron tank is high enough to withstand very strong impacts and is not easily broken. This is very important for trucks that are running on the road for a long time and are always facing the threat of accidents. (howo truck parts)

Rusty fuel tank interior

With its high quality and low price, iron fuel tanks are widely used in various trucks for dozens or even hundreds of years. Until now, many trucks continue to use iron tanks. But in addition to the above advantages, the iron fuel tank has a more fatal shortcoming, that is, the corrosion resistance is very poor, and it is easy to rust and pollute the fuel.

Rust intercepted by the filter

It is because of this shortcoming that the iron tank has been basically eliminated. Because the engine enters the era of electronically controlled high pressure common rail, the fuel system becomes more and more precise, and a little impurities in the fuel will cause expensive injector damage or even scrap.

Plastic fuel tank, poor adaptability

Plastic fuel tank

Plastic fuel tank, also known as composite fuel tank, has the advantage of being clean and will never pollute the fuel, so it is very suitable for vehicles equipped with electronically controlled engines. In the past years, Faw trucks installed plastic fuel  tanks in large scale, but after a brief glory, it has been basically abandoned, and now only a part of the light trucks continue to use plastic fuel tanks. (howo sinotruk parts catalog pdf)

Plastic fuel tank cannot be placed on fire

First of all, driving environment has a vast geographical climate, hot in summer and cold in winter. The plastic fuel tank is not very suitable for the diversity of this environment.

For example, in extremely cold temperatures, the plastic fuel tank will become brittle to a certain extent, and it is prone to breakage and leakage. In addition, the plastic fuel tank can not be put on fire to un-freeze the fuel in emergency.

Plastic fuel tank, poor adaptability

Speaking of aluminum alloy fuel tanks, I believe many people have heard the salesperson introduce this when they buy a vehicle: “Our truck is lightweight and equipped with an aluminum alloy fuel tank of a certain capacity.” As the sales introduction, is the fuel tank of aluminum alloy material used for weight reduction? Actually it is not all.

Aluminum alloy fuel tank

The biggest advantage of the aluminum fuel tank compared to the iron fuel tank is its good corrosion resistance, which is very suitable for high pressure common rail engines with high fuel cleanliness requirements. Secondly, the manufacturing process of the aluminum alloy fuel tank is relatively simple, and it can be welded after being pressed with an aluminum plate, which is much simpler than manufacturing a plastic fuel tank.

Finally, the aluminum alloy itself has very good ductility. When subjected to external impact, the aluminum alloy fuel tank is not easily broken and leaks even if it is very deformed. With these advantages, the aluminum alloy fuel tank has basically replaced the iron fuel tank and the plastic fuel tank as the most ideal fuel storage device.

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