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It Is Also Important To Pay Attention To The Parts Of The Air Pump That You Will Not Pay Attention To During Normal Maintenance

In daily maintenance, one of the easily overlooked places is the air pump. The air pump is the source of the air pressure of the whole vehicle, and the most important thing is the air for braking. If you don’t pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times, the air pump is prone to abnormal wear, oil leakage and oil consumption, which will lead to water or oil in the air circuit and affect the braking performance of the vehicle.

The Air Source Of The Air Pump Needs To Be Cleaned, And The Air Filter Shall Not Be Careless

Nowadays, the air pump basically takes air from the air inlet pipe, and then enters the compressed air tank. When the inferior air filter is used or the air inlet pipe of the air pump works alone, it is easy for sundries to enter the air pump, resulting in abnormal wear of the air pump.

The abnormal wear of the air pump mainly occurs in the cylinder block, piston ring and rotating bearing bush of the air pump.

Long term impure air will cause serious wear of the cylinder block, larger diameter, thinner piston ring wear, oil lubrication can not keep up, and so on.

When the air pump is worn, it will lead to oil leakage of the air pump, and the oil will enter the air storage tank through the compression of the air pump, which will affect the braking performance and consume the oil at the same time. Excessive wear of the air pump will also affect the air pumping speed, pressure, etc.

Some Air Pumps Are Water-Cooled, And Antifreeze Is Recommended

Some air pumps use engine circulating water for cooling, which is similar to the engine block. Some card friends use water instead of antifreeze in daily use, resulting in scale inside the pump, blocking the water channel and affecting the heat dissipation of the pump.

Xiaobian suggested that card friends should not easily use water instead of antifreeze. Long-term use of water instead of antifreeze will not only block the water channel of the air pump, but also corrode the engine cylinder liner and cause irreparable consequences.


The air pump is not paid attention to in our daily maintenance. Some card friends have not even paid attention to this part at all. The result is that the air pump is damaged. If you don’t pay attention to it for a long time, it is very likely that oil or water will enter the air storage tank and drying tank, affecting the braking performance. Xiaobian suggested that card friends use high-quality air filter and antifreeze, and do not let the air inlet pipe of the air pump work independently.

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