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The More Air Conditioning Is Used In Summer, The Less Cool It Is? The Temperature Control Switch May Fail

The scorching sun and heat in summer are unbearable, and friends work hard on the way of transportation. The performance of vehicle air conditioning is very important. Air conditioning with good operation can create a comfortable environment, help to reduce the occurrence of fatigue and heatstroke, improve operation efficiency and make our work easier. Once the air conditioner breaks down, it will have a great impact on us in high temperature days. If we don’t have a good rest, heatstroke may cause accidents.

The Evaporator Freezes Mostly Because The Temperature Control Switch Fails

In addition to the failure of refrigeration caused by common refrigerant leakage, the air conditioning system is also prone to the fault of evaporator icing, which shows that the refrigeration effect of the air conditioner is good just after opening, but the effect becomes worse and worse after continuous operation for a period of time, until there is almost no refrigeration effect at last, and it returns to normal after closing for a period of time. This fault often makes some card friends who don’t know the reason confused. Why can it be cooled but can’t it last?

Poor working condition of expansion valve and lack of refrigerant can cause icing failure of evaporator, but the most common cause of this failure is the failure of temperature control switch. The temperature control switch is responsible for monitoring the evaporator temperature in the air conditioning system. Once the temperature is too low, it will control the compressor to stop. After the temperature rises, continue to turn on the compressor for operation, and so on. Once it loses its function, it may cause the continuous operation of the compressor, the refrigeration capacity is too large, the icing on the evaporator surface affects the passage of air, resulting in the continuous decline of refrigeration capacity.

It Can Be Repaired As Soon As Possible

In case of such failure, the emergency method can only be to manually control the compressor switch to make the compressor operate intermittently to prevent the evaporator from freezing. However, manual control is troublesome and easy to cause inattention, resulting in potential hazards. You should go to the maintenance shop for maintenance as soon as possible.


In high temperature weather in summer, a good air conditioning system is the basis to ensure the comfort of drivers. If its cooling effect is very poor, personnel are prone to heatstroke, and poor rest will affect safety. Xiaobian suggested that if the air conditioner fails, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Creating a comfortable driving environment for yourself is the premise to improve safety and efficiency.

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