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What are the causes of the three major after-sales problems that give truck drivers a headache?

  • Often communicate with commercial vehicle manufacturers and truck drivers, and reporters can always hear some after-sales topics. Although China’s truck products have been greatly improved in terms of configuration and quality in recent two years, users will always mention some deficiencies while affirming a car.
  • As for the problem that has attracted enough attention, the driver is either unable to roast or has already suffered a lot of losses. Through the analysis of some examples, the reporter found that there are three after-sales problems, which have been mentioned by many truck drivers, and the maintenance masters at the service station always take them as examples.
  • However, when analyzing the cause, the reporter was stunned. It turned out that these problems were caused by the following reasons after-sales problems.

After-sales problems of abnormal engine start and operation

  • Typical example: the consequences of the sudden failure of the engine to start are often very serious. At the beginning of 2016, Mr. Xing bought a heavy card, which was purchased by Mr. Geng in June × 4 diesel tractor, when winter comes, the engine is difficult to start. The vehicle broke down on the highway twice, causing a lot of economic losses. The vehicle and people are threatened by traffic accidents at any time. Fortunately, the fault was eliminated in time by the manufacturer and the vehicle was out of danger.
  • What the reporter mentioned today is that some drivers add cheap low-quality diesel to trucks in order to reduce costs, which is a common reason why many vehicles can’t start and their engines are damaged after-sales problems. Although the problems caused by adding inferior oil in a short time will not be obvious, the damage of inferior diesel to the engine will show in the long run.
After-sales problems
  • Professional analysis: poor quality oil is harmful to the engine, long-term use of poor quality oil is easy to block the fuel injection nozzle, and other accessories are affected, after-sales problems resulting in poor fuel supply. In addition, there are many impurities in the inferior oil, which cannot burn fully, resulting in the decline of engine performance and black smoke, which will eventually destroy the engine.
  • Suggestion:after-sales problems  even if the engine technology and service keep improving, the risk of adding low-quality oil is still great. Car owners and drivers should remember not to suffer a big loss because of the petty profit of greedy for low-quality oil.

After-sales problems of brake pads are replaced frequently

  • Typical example:after-sales problems  Mr. Gao, a light vehicle driver, shared a phenomenon that young drivers, especially those with short driving experience, spend the most on brake pads. He said that this situation exists in many peers around him after-sales problems, but the frequency of brake pad replacement of the same car in his hand is not so high.
  • Both trucks and passenger vehicles are required to drive stably and smoothly. In case of complex road sections, the driver needs to make a plan in advance after-sales problems. The less emergency braking, the less harm to the vehicle. However, due to the long time on the road, freight drivers often ignore these details of driving, and the brake pads have also become vulnerable parts with high replacement frequency, which is also affirmed by some truck service stations.
after-sales problems
  • Professional analysis: Mr. Lu, an engineer of Weichai Guizhou Anshun service station, believes that the high replacement frequency of brake pads may be due to the quality problem of the brake pads themselves on the one hand and the large loss caused by too many sudden braking and other operations during driving. Generally speaking, if the brake pad is found broken during inspection, it can be determined as a quality problem after-sales problems; If the brake pads are only seriously worn, it is obvious that the quality problem can be eliminated.
  • Suggestion: after-sales problems truck drivers often complain that the brakes are easy to break and change too quickly. In fact, it may have a lot to do with the bad driving habits formed for a long time. Then, please ask the drivers to start to improve this problem from now on.

After-sales problems of the electrical circuit is faulty and the fault persists

  • Typical example: if the truck circuit fails and the vehicle cannot continue to work, it must stop for maintenance until the fault is eliminated, which often takes a long time. In the past two years, many users have reported that there are many problems in circuit failure. Zhanjiang guangheng auto trade is a local 4S store cooperating with many domestic heavy truck manufacturers. According to the technician Mr. Xu, the electrical circuit fault is one of the items with high after-sales maintenance rate at present. Generally,after-sales problems  after a new car runs for one year, small problems in circuit and gas circuit may appear.
  • If the circuit fault is light, some sensor functions will be lost, resulting in false alarm. In case of serious problems, it can lead to the failure of vehicle electronic control components, resulting in the abnormal operation of vehicle main components.
after-sales problems
  • Professional analysis: the electrical circuit fault is caused by poor quality and durability of components on the one hand, and poor operating conditions of users’ vehicles on the other hand. On the one hand, we call on manufacturers and parts suppliers to improve their technical level and production quality. At the same time, we also propose to users to avoid the environment with poor road conditions as much as possible, maintain them in time, reduce the accumulation of dust or ponding on the automobile circuit board, slow down the aging speed of the circuit board, and the probability of electrical failure will be much smaller.
  • Suggestion: when you choose to ride in the wind and rain, the driver should consider whether the vehicle can withstand too many storms and bumps. We should take good care of and maintain the car. Loving the car is not a matter of time, and we should cherish it after-sales problems.
  • Conclusion:Generally speaking, the problems of truck engines and related components are often complex, but the general causes are very simple. It is related to the details of usual driving habits, refueling, car maintenance and so on. The driver should find out the cause in time after the vehicle has problems and try to start from himself, so as to avoid the same risk again. In fact, this process is not very difficult. Maybe it’s just some very simple actions at ordinary times.
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