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Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car

  • Where there are people, there are Jianghu. There are swords and intrigues in the Jianghu, and so is the second-hand car market of accident car.
  • China has a vast territory and abundant resources. One side of soil and water nourishes one side of people. In terms of truck brand preference, each place has its own characteristics of accident car.
  • A friend from Guangxi wants to buy the rear eight wheels. He specifies that as long as the tyrant is long, other requirements can be compromised. In fact, buying a second-hand car and focusing on the model he wants can often buy a more suitable car faster.
  • Ba long has a large number of cars in the southern market, but the manufacturer has stopped production for a long time, so most of the models on the market are national three and national four models. It’s not easy to choose models with better vehicle conditions.
  • The day before yesterday, someone said that there was a tyrant to be sold urgently. The price was very appropriate and didn’t ask in detail, so he went straight to the car. At first glance, the appearance of the car felt OK. It wasn’t worn out as expected, but the next situation made people “surprise” constantly.
Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car

One Country'S Soil And Water Nourishes Another

Since the owner is not present and the car key is not available, you can only check the general situation around the body from the outside. Looking at the cab closely, the new paint is a little unusual of accident car.

However, considering that many car manufacturers care about surface engineering and painting the whole car is also a common thing, they focus on the cab glass. They are surprised to find that none of the glass is original. They replace the glass of some small brands or unknown brands. The year is relatively recent, which is completely inconsistent with the date when the car leaves the factory of accident car.

Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car (2)

The Price Is Very Suitable Of Accident Car

When the car glass is completely replaced, it is very likely to replace the cab assembly. I bent over to check the lower fender of the car and confirmed my previous conjecture. There is no sound insulation cotton in the lower fender. The fender is very clean and there is no dust at all. It looks like it was just replaced of accident car.

For normal vehicles, there is a thick layer of soil on the sound insulation cotton, which looks dirty. Some people will spray a layer of soil on the sound insulation cotton, which is artificially old and difficult to detect without careful observation.

Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car (3)

When buying second-hand dump trucks, especially those with longer years, we should focus on the axle. However, we novices can’t fully listen to the car dealer, nor can we just look at the wheel axle shell to judge what the rear axle is.

Take this car as an example. The Steyr bridge is used. If it is judged from the wheel side axle housing, it will be ignored. It is too easy and common for the repair shop to change the wheel side axle housing, so it must be identified through the main reducer and rear axle package.

Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car (4)

Without the registration certificate and other information of the car, I couldn’t open the door. Previously, I only heard the owner say that the car is a national three car and a national four family. After observing the car around, the compartment and fuel tank were seriously dented and damaged of accident car.

It was supposed to be rusty. The owner specially repainted it to avoid being too ugly. He specially looked at the rear axle. There was a serious oil leakage and rust. It is inferred that the car is at least seven or eight years old. It is reasonable to have this kind of car condition of accident car.

Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car (5)

Looking back, I specially looked at the vehicle girder number and found that there was also a layer of rust on the longitudinal girder. Since the driving license and large book could not be seen, it was meaningless to check whether the girder number was right. I mainly looked at the tenth “year of manufacture” of the frame number as “F”, and inferred that the year of manufacture was 15 years of accident car.

Think about a national third car, which has been out of the factory for 15 years, or a national fourth family. Combined with the detailed conditions of the car, I just felt that the identity of the car was confusing, incredible, and reluctantly shook my head.

Encounter A Second-Hand Tyrant Dump Truck And Teach You To Identify The Accident Car (6)
  • When you buy a second-hand car, if you are not very accurate and uncertain about the car condition, you must not look fat and buy a car alone. You’d better find an acquaintance of a professional (mechanic, etc.) to accompany you to see the car.
  • If the appearance of the vehicle is too new, which is quite different from the actual situation, we must pay attention to whether the vehicle has an accident. There must be something unusual.
  • Look first and then test drive. It’s best to drive a certain distance. The road test can better reflect the conditions of the vehicle’s engine, gearbox and braking system. Pay special attention to the various fault lights on the instrument panel. Sometimes it may imply major vehicle faults, and the later maintenance cost can be expensive.
  • Ten thousand readers have ten thousand Hamlets. The same used car has thousands of different car conditions. Don’t listen to the seller’s words. Seeing is believing and hearing is false. Take the actual vehicle condition as the standard. Pay special attention to vehicle registration certificate, driving license, insurance policy and other materials. Be sure to check them carefully with your own eyes.
  • Before the transaction, you must not pay too much deposit to the other party. Your words are groundless. The transaction contract must indicate the details of the vehicle and the matters agreed by both parties. Don’t try to be cheap and connect with the company. Maybe the car owner egged on and the female intermediary nearby said a few good words. Card friends are easy to pay money for a moment of fever. They don’t blindly follow and make impulsive decisions when buying a car. Only when they are rational and cautious can they sail for ten thousand years.
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