About Foton

Beiben was born in early 1978, the central government approved a plan to introduce heavy-duty automobile technology from abroad to transform China’s truck industry.

The variety of heavy trucks produced by Beiben Heavy Truck has developed into 40 basic models of A, B, and C series with more than 400 varieties of loaders, dumpers, semi-trailer tractors, modified vehicles, special vehicles, and all-drive vehicles, which are widely used in, postal, railroad, highway, port, petroleum, chemical, hydropower, forestry, They are also exported to Iraq, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, and other countries and regions.

“Beiben” As a famous brand of high-grade heavy trucks in China, relying on the technical platform of Mercedes-Benz and the strong manufacturing and design capability of the military industry, the products are transformed from high-grade to mid-grade and mid-range models with excellent cost performance through self-development and matching with domestic high-quality collaborative parts, and the load capacity ranges from 8 tons to 25 tons and the tractive weight from 30 tons to 60 tons. The load capacity ranges from 8 tons to 25 tons and the tractive weight from 30 tons to 60 tons.


The situation that competition in the heavy vehicle market is extremely fierce, the new leadership of the company has reviewed the situation, and the scientific layout determined the company’s three-step plan, and further changed the operation mode.

Beiben’s marketing mode also changed from single direct sales to a market-oriented mode combining direct sales and agent sales of operators, continuously improving the construction of the marketing network, and adjusting the product structure to improve the market operation capability. Beiben Heavy Truck started to move forward rapidly in the direction of operation scale, organization structure grouping, and management informationization.

History of Beiben