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Truck Glass
No.Part No.Part NamePriceAccessory Title
1WG1642350001Sealing -left$1.00 WG1642350001 Factory Wholesale Price SINOTRUK HOWO Truck Body Spare Parts Corner Window Glass Rubber Seal
2WG1642350002Sealing -right$1.00 SINOTRUK Howo Truck Parts Window Sealant Strip WG1642350002 for Howo Corner Window Seal Strip-Truck Glass
3WG1642350003Glass -left$1.00 2022 Hot Sale SINOTRUK Howo Truck Parts Door Glass WG1642350003 for Howo Window Glass Howo Truck Corner Window
4WG1642350004Glass -right$1.00 Dump Truck L Glass WG1642350003 WG1642350004 for Sinotruk Dumper Truck Cabin Parts-Truck Glass
The Importance of Howo Truck Glass
  • Howo Truck Glass is an essential component of the popular Howo trucks that can be found on the roads of many countries around the world. It provides safety and protection to drivers and passengers by keeping them safe from flying debris, wind, rain, and other environmental factors while on the road.
  • There are many different types of glass that are used in Howo trucks, including tempered glass, laminated glass, and bulletproof glass. Each type of glass has its own unique properties and is designed for different purposes. For example, tempered glass is designed to shatter into small, harmless pieces upon impact, whereas laminated glass sandwiches a layer of plastic between two layers of glass to prevent shattering. Bulletproof glass is hardened and designed to withstand high-impact collisions, making it ideal for use in high-security applications.
  • In addition to providing protection, the Howo Truck Glass also plays a crucial role in maintaining the structural integrity of the truck. Without properly installed and functioning glass, the truck’s frame can become weakened and susceptible to damage. This can lead to increased repair costs and potentially put drivers and passengers at risk.
  • When it comes to replacing Howo Truck Glass, it is important to choose a reputable and experienced provider of glass replacement services. The installation of truck glass requires expertise and precision to ensure that the glass is properly fitted and secured to the vehicle. Improper installation can leave openings for wind and rain to enter the vehicle, creating a safety hazard for drivers and passengers.
  • In conclusion, the importance of properly functioning Howo Truck Glass cannot be overstated. It provides protection to drivers and passengers, maintains the structural integrity of the truck, and ensures safe and comfortable driving experiences. Investing in high-quality glass replacement services is an essential part of ensuring the longevity and safety of Howo trucks on the road.
Notes About Howo Truck Glass

Howo Truck Glass is an important part of a heavy-duty truck, and due to the importance of its function, the following points need to be noted during its use:

  1. Prevent collision: Howo Truck Glass is usually made of high-strength materials such as tempered glass or laminated glass, but it is also necessary to avoid collision with obstacles as much as possible during road driving, so as not to reduce the service life of the glass and also to affect the safety of the vehicle.
  2. Regular cleaning: During the driving process, the vehicle will be eroded by various dust, gravel, rain and snow, etc. If not cleaned in time will affect the vision and increase the risk of driving safety. Therefore, Howo Truck Glass needs to be cleaned regularly, either with professional glass cleaner or by wiping with water or soapy water.
  3. Avoid violent temperature changes: Too high or too low temperatures can cause Howo Truck Glass to burst. Especially in low temperature environment, you should be careful not to use hot water to clean the glass surface directly to avoid bursting due to too much temperature change.
  4. Reasonable use of the braking system: Under emergency braking or other high load conditions, the braking system can produce strong impact forces, which can affect Howo Truck Glass. Therefore, avoid high load operations such as emergency braking as much as possible to protect the safety of the glass.
  5. Avoid using sharp objects: Please try to avoid scratching on Howo Truck Glass or using construction supplies when waxing your vehicle. These sharp objects may damage the glass surface and cause scratches or breaks.
  • In conclusion, Howo Truck Glass precautions are critical and require timely care, maintenance and inspection to ensure the reliability and safety of the glass during use. During routine maintenance, it is important to regularly check the condition of the glass and any problems that arise, and to promptly address and replace it.
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