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100% Ex-Factory Price Of Howo Truck Roof Hatch Parts For Sale

Truck Roof Hatch
No.Part No.Part NamePriceAccessory Title
1WG1642770006Door ass.$5.47 B12 Full Size Full Body TPE Silicone Real Sex Doll Mature Sex Doll Big Boobs To door service-Truck Roof Hatch
2WG1642770008Roof panelling$1.00 WG1642770008 Hot Selling Sinotruk Spare Parts Howo Tractor Truck Accessories Truck Cabine Top Window Cover
3WG1642770005Rivet$0.05 Open Blind Rivets Aluminum POP Rivets Aluminum/Steel Open End Blind Rivets Large Head-Truck Roof Hatch
4WG1642770009Sealing$0.02 ZHIDE Wholesale Price FKM NBR Dustproof USH Type Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals for Cylinder Piston Rod
5WG1642770011Hinge$0.29 Furniture Kitchen Cabinet Door Concealed 3D 4D Adjustable Hydraulic Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinge
6Q2140620F31Screw$0.01 Grade 10.9 /12.9 Hex Torque rod bolt screw fastener M16-M30 bolt and nuts for heavy truck
7Q40206F31Washer$0.15 Black Oxide Steel Push On Fastener Starlock Wave Retaining Lock Washers For Shaft
8WG1642930021Washer$0.15 Black Oxide Steel Push On Fastener Starlock Wave Retaining Lock Washers For Shaft
9WG1642770007Switch$10.00 Sinotruk Howo truck schneider switchgear WG1642770007
10Q2140620F31Screw$0.01 Grade 10.9 /12.9 Hex Torque rod bolt screw fastener M16-M30 bolt and nuts for heavy truck
11Q40206F31Washer$0.15 Black Oxide Steel Push On Fastener Starlock Wave Retaining Lock Washers For Shaft-Truck Roof Hatch
Howo Truck Roof Hatch: A Convenient and Safe Access Point

The Howo truck roof hatch is a critical component that provides convenient and safe access to the roof of the truck.

Importance of Truck Roof Hatch

The truck roof hatch plays a crucial role in facilitating access to the roof of the truck. It provides a convenient access point for maintenance personnel and drivers to inspect the roof and make necessary repairs. The hatch also allows for the installation of rooftop equipment such as air conditioning units, satellite dishes, and antennas.

Benefits of Truck Roof Hatch

The truck roof hatch offers several benefits that make it an essential feature for any Howo truck. Firstly, it ensures the safety of personnel who need to access the roof of the truck. The hatch’s design ensures that it opens at an angle, preventing accidental falls while climbing onto the roof. Secondly, it provides a convenient access point that saves time and effort for personnel who need to carry out maintenance and repairs. Thirdly, a well-designed roof hatch can improve the ventilation and airflow within the cabin, providing a more comfortable driving experience.

Choosing the Best Roof Hatch
  • When choosing a roof hatch for your Howo truck, it is essential to consider several factors. Firstly, the hatch design should be sturdy and durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage. Secondly, it should be easy to operate and require minimal maintenance. Thirdly, it should be designed to fit the specific dimensions of your truck roof, ensuring a snug fit without any gaps.
  • There are several types of roof hatches available in the market, including manual and automatic options. Manual roof hatches are operated by a handle or lever, and they are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Automatic roof hatches are motorized, and they offer a more convenient and streamlined option for opening and closing the hatch. However, they are more expensive and require more maintenance than manual roof hatches.

In conclusion, the Howo truck roof hatch provides a convenient and safe access point to the roof of the truck, facilitating maintenance, repairs, and installations. Choosing the best roof hatch depends on several factors, including durability, ease of operation, and fit. With the right choice, you can enjoy the full benefits of a well-designed and reliable roof hatch that enhances the efficiency, safety, and comfort of your Howo truck.

Notes on the use of Howo Truck Roof Hatch

The top hatch (Roof Hatch) of a Howo truck is an important part of that vehicle, providing safe and easy access to the roof for maintenance personnel or the driver. To ensure its safe and effective use, the following should be observed:

1. Regular maintenance

The top hatch should be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure it is functioning properly. At least once a year, it is recommended that the moving parts be lubricated and the sensor parts be cleaned, adjusted and calibrated.

2. Collision Prevention

When the vehicle is in motion, collisions with high objects or other obstacles should be avoided. Collision with the top hatch may cause damage or safety problems, and frequent collisions will cause the top hatch lock joint to wear out.

3. Leak prevention

Over time, the top hatch waterproof seals may wear or deteriorate. Damaged seals should be inspected and replaced periodically to maintain watertightness.

4. Remote Use

Many modern Howo truck top hatches can be used with a remote control. However, when using it, care should be taken not to use it outside of the remote control signal coverage area to avoid the guards not working properly or being damaged.

5. Safe Use

Before using the top hatch, always ensure that the vehicle is parked and the manual brakes are securely locked. The operation of the top hatch should be performed by professionally trained service personnel or instructed drivers.

When using the top hatch of Howo truck, you should pay attention to maintenance, collision prevention, leakage prevention, remote control use and safe use. Keeping the top hatch in good condition can provide easy and safe access to the roof for maintenance personnel and drivers, as well as ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of the vehicle.

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